From Crop to Consumption

Oye!Mirch launches Kickstarter campaign

Oye!Mirch, which roughly translates to “Hello Chili!”, is the newest venture by chef-entrepreneur Shruthi Bharathur.

Having already navigated the successful product launch of her premium chutney line “Zesteez”, Shruthi used her experience from interacting with customers over the past years to develop a line of accessible and easy to use sauces to satisfy chefs, foodies, and weekend kitchen warriors alike. Thus Oye!Mirch was born from some of her tried and true family recipes.

The inaugural line up will include a Tomato Chili Sauce, a Mango Chili Sauce, and a Peanut Chili Sauce — each with a unique flavour profile inspired by a combination of her Indian heritage and her world travels through Asia, South America, and Europe to bring a new and exciting ethnic spin to the often generic hot sauce market. “A hot sauce should not be just a single tone of heat,” says Shruthi. “It needs a good balance of flavour, character and depth, such that you have a chance to savour it and experience it. At Oye!Mirch we have made sure to incorporate flavours and pairings that are a winning addition to any spice-loving meal.”

Having already experienced the challenges of taking a food product from concept to shelf, Shruthi was looking for a way to get her new product into the hands of her loyal customers so that they could start enjoying them as soon as possible. To her, Kickstarter was the obvious solution. With its ability to marry small business innovation and a strong grassroots following, it is the ideal launch platform for her new line of hot sauces. All of the revenue earned will go straight to ramping up production and order fulfilment.

The Oye!Mirch Kickstarter campaign kicked off 8th January and can be found here. Oye!Mirch has a vision to disrupt the hot sauce market with fresh and exciting new flavours and sees crowdfunding as the perfect driving force to do just that.

Oye!Mirch plans to expand to both online retailers and traditional brick and mortar markets by early 2019. For up to date information please visit here.