From Crop to Consumption

Fazer committed to using only cage-free eggs by 2024

Fazer’s commitment to cage-free eggs continues the company’s efforts in line with its sustainability approach and, especially, the core goal of 100% sustainably sourced.

In Fazer’s revised sustainability approach, animal welfare was listed as one of the essential topics, and the commitment to cage-free eggs supports the activities to be taken in this area. The commitment to cage-free eggs covers all Fazer’s businesses and countries of operation but, in the first phase, the focus will be on the Nordic and Baltic countries. During 2019, a more detailed target setting will be created for the Russian market.

The commitment has been created in collaboration with stakeholders and based on discussions with different actors along the value chain. “We are very grateful for the input from different actors in setting the target. It has been really important to listen to suppliers, animal rights organisations and producer organisations,” said Nina Elomaa, Sustainability Director of Fazer Group.

“We hope to continue the good dialogue and are ready and willing to re-evaluate our target and to find new solutions for supporting sustainable egg production if availability and market conditions make it possible,” she continued. 

“We congratulate Fazer for a good decision. It is significant and will affect the well-being of millions of hens in the Nordic and Baltic countries. By this decision, Fazer takes a huge step forward in the responsibility of animal-affairs. Of course, we hope that the timetable for Russia will be completed soon and that it will be as ambitious as the Nordic one,” said Juhis Ranta, Corporate Outreach Manager, Animal Right Group Oikeutta Eläimille.

Fazer Food Services in Denmark and Sweden have already earlier taken steps to start using more organic eggs. In Denmark, all the eggs used have been 100% organic since the beginning of 2018. In Sweden, all the eggs Fazer uses already are cage-free, and 38% of them are also organic. Now Fazer Food Services Finland has set an ambitious target. The 2019 target for cage-free eggs is 40% of the total volume.

“For us, it is an important step and, in addition to the animal welfare aspect, we also want to respond to the client and restaurant guest demand. By proceeding stepwise, we are also taking producer responsibility into consideration,” said Jaana Korhola, Managing Director of Fazer Food Services Finland.