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Quick and easy doughnut icing with new Dawn Dip Quik

Dawn Foods has introduced a new ready-to-use icing that doesn’t require heating and takes colours and flavours well, enabling bakers to create an endless array of donut designs to capitalise on the deluxe doughnuts boom.

Whether it’s donuts for the office, a night in with a film or a birthday treat, deluxe doughnuts with luxury flavours and eye-catching decorations are bang on trend.

New Dawn Dip Quik is perfect for dipping doughnuts and other bakery items to give a bright white icing finish, or, when combined with Dawn Compounds, many different colour and flavour combinations.

As well as favourite flavours such as chocolate, strawberry, and custard, bakers can experiment with emerging flavour combinations such as peanut butter, cookies and cream or banana caramel for example. Dawn has a range of inspirational ideas available for bakers to unleash their creativity – from Halloween and Christmas themed doughnuts, to Pink Princess and Football styled donuts, ideal for children’s parties or after school treats. All these and more can be easily created using Dip Quik, along with additional colours and decorations. According to research undertaken by Dawn Foods, consumers are willing to pay up to 50% more for special doughnuts that are eye-catching and luxurious.

Quick to prepare and easy to use at ambient temperature, Dip Quik is quick setting and gives a quality high shine and smooth texture for real ‘pick-me-up’ appeal. Defrosted ring doughnuts or Berliners are dipped swiftly in the icing, and once dipped, the doughnuts are easy to decorate – ideal for bakers to make their own signature products.