From Crop to Consumption

Halo Top announces brand-new platinum series set to reimagine traditional ice cream

Halo Top, America’s ground-breaking ice cream brand, is introducing an innovation that reimagines what traditional ice cream can and should be.

Launched in 2012, Halo Top transformed the global ice cream landscape, creating the better-for-you ice cream category with its delicious ice cream for only 280-360 calories per tub. With a signature gold lid, Halo Top became a worldwide sensation, delivering ice cream that you can actually feel good about eating. Now, Halo Top is levelling up from gold to platinum, shifting focus from the better-for-you ice cream space to the indulgent ice cream category with its newest release: Halo Top Platinum Series.

Announcing the launch of Platinum Series, Doug Bouton, CEO of Halo Top International, said: “I grew up on traditional ice cream like Ben & Jerry’s and Haagen-Dazs, but there hasn’t been significant innovation in that space in decades,” Mr Bouton continued.

“In the past, if you wanted to indulge with regular ice cream, you had to consume astronomically high amounts of calories and sugar. But we wondered…what if that wasn’t the case?”

Launching in the U.K. before anywhere else in the world, Halo Top’s Platinum Series marks Halo Top International’s recognition of the U.K. as the most important market for the brand globally.

“With the launch of Platinum Series in the UK before anywhere else in the world, the U.K. has now become the centre of innovation for the brand,” said Justin Ball, President of Halo Top International.

“We can’t wait for our U.K. fans to try Halo Top Platinum Series and realise that it’s just as indulgent and decadent as regular ice cream but somehow contains way less calories and sugar.”

Halo Top Platinum Series has been kept under lock and key – until now. Halo Top will celebrate by introducing the world’s first ice cream bank. For two days only on October 23rd and 24th, U.K. fans will have the chance to visit the Bank of Halo Top in Shoreditch and unlock the exclusive first taste for free inside the Platinum Series Vault.