From Crop to Consumption

Mexifrutas and Frutco join forces

Mexifrutas and ct Finance AG, with its subsidiary Frutco AG, have signed an agreement for close collaboration in various fields.

Mexifrutas is working in the field of processing of tropical fruits in Mexico and Costa Rica. Mexifrutas will open a new factory for Banana Puree and Pineapple Juice NFC as well as concentrate in Costa Rica in early 2020. Mexifrutas’ main market is North America.

ct Finance AG is managing a group of companies, which are working in the field of farming, farm management, processing and marketing of raw material and retail products. Ct Finance AG main market is Europe.

In the first step Frutco AG, as subsidiary of ct Finance AG, will market BANANA puree of Mexifrutas in Europe and Middle East. Customers who were previously served directly by Mexifrutas will continue to be supported on this journey. Frutco will also open a processing plant for Banana Puree In Colombia. Both groups have control over large plantations of bananas to fulfil the request of multinational customers to secure resources for them.

For the customers these two origins have a great advantage, including risk reduction because of storms, political issues and force majeure.

Customers will also receive good customer service, and both parties have hands on the raw material – security of supply – transparent supply chains and food safety.