From Crop to Consumption

Nexira launches first organic and sustainable ingredients brand

Nexira has launched inavea, the first organic and sustainable ingredients brand by making a strong commitment to Nature and the protection of its resources.

inavea is the first premium brand of organic and sustainable ingredients preserving natural resources, supporting local communities and aiming for a carbon-neutral footprint. inavea offers distinctive and proven health benefits for all nutritional food and beverages. Starting in 2020, Nexira will unveil new scientific evidence and technical benefits, encompassing into inavea brand with innovative synergies and solutions.

In association with the French NGO, SOS SAHEL, and its partners, Nexira is particularly involved in sustainable development of acacia forests for future supply.

This innovative and collaborative approach combines economic and social development for local populations with environmental protection to prevent deforestation.

The company’s new ingredient inavea PURE ACACIA is an all-natural, organic and GMO-free dietary fibre sourced from carefully selected acacia trees. inavea PURE ACACIA is a sustainable acacia fibre with a carbon-neutral commitment and involved in the preservation of natural resources and community care. inavea PURE ACACIA offers the value of high digestive tolerance for fibre and prebiotic enrichment in a large array of applications.

With a minimum of 90% fibre content guaranteed on dry weight, inavea PURE ACACIA is the ideal clean label ingredient for fibre fortification.

Prebiotic effect of acacia fibre has been largely demonstrated for 40 years in more than 40 studies. inavea PURE ACACIA has a strong prebiotic effect at a dose of 10 g/day, stimulating healthy bacteria and contributing to the Short Chain Fatty Acids production.

inavea PURE ACACIA offers the value of a clean label in addition to the consumer appeal of 100% vegetable origin and fibre enrichment. This pure acacia is the perfect clean label ingredient: organic, all-natural, GMO-free, sustainably sourced, minimally processed and providing health benefits.