From Crop to Consumption

Punchy Drinks launch new branding, green packaging and two new flavours

Natural fruit punch company Punchy Drinks has relaunched with new powerful, 100% plastic-free branding and bold new flavours.

Adding to the classic punch of peach, ginger and chai, with or without rum, Punchy Drinks is launching two new combinations. The premium soft drink of refreshing cucumber, zingy yuzu with a hint of rosemary also comes as a 4% abv gin version. Likewise, the new zesty blood orange, aromatic bitters and cardamom soft drink comes as a whiskey 4% abv punch.

The new can is 100% plastic-free and 100% recyclable, with a paper label. In addition, 1% of all profits go to 1% for the planet, a global movement inspired by bettering the environment. The retro branding reflects the creative and complex flavours, with the visuals consisting of an intricately designed window aiming to align with a positive nostalgic memory.

With millennials and Gen Z drinking less than previous generations but socialising more than ever, Punchy Drinks aim to ensure inclusivity and choice, without judgement. Each drink is vegan, gluten free, low in sugar and low in calories without any preservatives or artificial sweeteners.

Paddy Cavanagh-Butler, founder of Punch Drinks commented: “We are hugely excited to share our new brand and flavours as we truly believe there is a real opportunity to capture the fun, enjoyment and sociability of punch while giving people the choice to drink alcohol or not.

“Our recent success of our crowd-funding, where the target was hit ahead of schedule, confirms the demand and desire for these products. We are offering a new generation of drinkers a new way to drink.”

The adult soft drink versions can also be used as mixers or consumed as-is.