From Crop to Consumption

Innovative carrageenan extract offers cost-effective, sustainable texturizing option for dairy manufacturers

Dairy manufacturers can now achieve premium texture, using a cost-efficient and sustainably sourced ingredient for creamy dairy desserts. Satiagel™ Seabrid™ is a new type of carrageenan extract.

The extract is based on 100% cultivated seaweed, enabling a reliable supply of sustainably sourced ingredients while also delivering the texture preferred by consumers. This launch follows the 2017 debut of Cargill’s Seabrid™ solution for gelled dairy desserts.

“From our recent global proprietary consumer research, we found that texture is a strong deciding factor in consumer food preferences”, says Caroline Delabrousse, dairy application specialist for Cargill Starches, Sweeteners and Texturizers. “In line with current trends, consumers look for full-bodied products with a creamy texture. Our research also revealed that over 70% of consumers look at creaminess and a smooth texture as the main criteria to determine whether they will purchase a dairy dessert again. Employing a new technology, we can now replicate the functionality of wild seaweed using cultivated seaweed, offering food developers a reliable solution to achieve an appealing creamy texture”.

Euromonitor 2018 forecasts that the demand for dairy desserts will continue to increase steadily, with the Middle East and Africa, as well as Eastern Europe, being the fastest growing regions.

“As demand for dairy grows, we find consumers searching for the ideal combination of premium quality dairy desserts at affordable prices,” said Xavier Martin, global seaweed product manager for Cargill Starches, Sweeteners and Texturisers. “Seabrid’s hybrid-like functionality provides the premium textures consumers seek, including outstanding creaminess, body and mouthfeel in any type of crème dessert, custard, or multi-layered desserts, while also enabling an attractive price.”

The Seabrid portfolio of texturizers is designed to help dairy manufacturers deliver textures for creamy as well as gelled dairy dessert formulations. It is part of Cargill’s broad portfolio of texturizing solutions, which includes complete texture choices for our customers derived from plant sources such as extracts from major crops (starches, soy proteins and lecithins), seaweeds (carrageenans), fruits (pectins) and sugar fermentation (xanthan gum).

The unique functionality of Seabrid also presents diverse opportunities for future developments across a range of applications which Cargill will continue to explore to further diversify our offering.