From Crop to Consumption

Arla introduces new brand and plant-based products

Arla has entered the market for plant-based products to meet consumer demand and to develop the category with natural products and unique flavour compositions.

Initially, Arla will launch three oat drinks under the new brand, JÖRĐ, an umbrella brand for 100% plant-based products.

Arla, one of the world’s largest dairy cooperatives, is now entering the market for plant-based products. The company is ready with three oat-drinks introduced under the new brand, JÖRĐ, that is now on its way to European consumers to meet their demand. Arla has leveraged its knowledge and expertise within food to develop the category with new and exciting flavours. And in the future, JÖRĐ will be the umbrella brand for an entire selection of plant-based food products.

“More and more European consumers are looking towards plant-based products. And we know that consumers are enjoying dairy and plant-based drinks side by side. With our unique expertise and innovation power it is natural for us to enter this market, which is adjacent to the milk category. We aim to develop the category with a natural, Nordic range that fits into the everyday life of the European consumers and we see this as an exciting business opportunity,” said Hanne Søndergaard, Executive Vice President for Global Marketing and Innovation in Arla.

With JÖRĐ, Arla has created three oat drinks that combine plant ingredients in a brand-new way to create unique flavour compositions. The three oat drinks are natural and pure made with only four or five ingredients from the Nordic nature. JÖRĐ Oat is a pure oat drink with a fresh and pure taste, JÖRĐ Barley has a delicate sweetness from barley, and JÖRĐ Hemp has an oat base balanced with the subtle nuttiness of organic hemp.

Milk will always be at the heart of Arla’s business and the key ingredient in the vast majority of the products. However, plant-based products are adjacent to the company’s existing product portfolio. And as a category leader in the core European markets, it is natural for Arla to enter this category and contribute to the development of it with new products and flavours. The company enters the market with a strong ambition to become a significant player within the coming years.

“At Arla, we are committed to deliver in the plant-based category. We have the willingness and the capability to serve what the consumers desire – both in the dairy and plant-based categories – and we believe that the JÖRĐ-brand and our natural oat drinks meet these expectations. The three plant-drinks are made with organic and Nordic ingredients and contain up to 50% more oat than current market leaders. Parameters, that have tested very well with the consumers,” said Ms Søndergaard.

Initially, the plant-based drinks will be launched in Denmark, the United Kingdom and Sweden. Arla will investigate the opportunities to launch JÖRĐ in other markets as well.