From Crop to Consumption

Molson Ultra launches nationwide in Canada

Molson’s lead light beer, Molson Ultra, is running its first-ever national television spots in Canada to support the beer’s national launch earlier this year.

The 15-second spots, set to begin airing today on major networks, aim to position the beer — with 70 calories and 2 grams of carbohydrates per 341ml serving — as an option for drinkers interested in the health and wellness space.

“Molson Ultra offers a refreshing reward on our drinkers’ journey to balance,” said Alex Sponga, Marketing Manager for the Molson family of brands. “This is a brand that’s about more than just its calorie and carb counts; it’s all about helping drinkers find a beer that complements their active lifestyle.”

Both ads feature the brand’s target drinkers – 25- to 35-year-old women – enjoying Molson Ultra as a social reward for completing health-related activities, such as a yoga or a cardio jazz class or completing 10,000 steps for the day.

“With this new campaign, we’re taking the idea of the après-ski celebratory beer and translating the concept to other types of activities,” Mr Sponga said. “Everyone’s journey to balance is unique, but a reward at the end is universal.”

Each spot finishes with the phrase: “Let’s après together with Molson Ultra. A clean, refreshing beer with only 70 calories and two grams of carbs.”

The brand also will be supported with out-of-home advertising in key markets in Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec and Newfoundland, in-arena sampling at hockey games, retail programming and public relations efforts.

Formerly known as Molson Canadian 67, the 3% alcohol-by-volume beer was relaunched as Molson Ultra in Quebec in 2019, and helped reverse the beer’s trend in the province, Sponga says. Following the positive results, Molson Ultra launched throughout the rest of Canada late last year and early this year. It is Molson’s No. 2 priority in Canada, behind only Molson Canadian.

“While Molson Ultra’s functional benefits play a key part of our value proposition, moments of connection are at the core of our purpose to drinkers,” Mr Sponga said. “And our new work aims to show it is possible to lead an active lifestyle and still have room for celebratory beers with friends.”