A new distribution partnership: Anritsu and Swissbelt join forces in Switzerland

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Anritsu Infivis Ltd has agreed a formal contract making Swissbelt GmBH its official distribution partner in Switzerland. The deal is a boon for food manufacturers across the country as two powerhouses of industry come together to provide the food industry with comprehensive solutions for production and packaging lines, from conveyors to checkweighers and everything in between.

Swissbelt GmBH is a premium provider of drive belts, conveyor belts, toothed belts and much more. The Giebenach based company is trusted as an official service partner of the world market leader in the manufacture of conveyor and processing belts. This technical expertise has seen it work with companies such as Novartis, Nestle, Frey, Ricola and Roche, both during assembly and in all upstream and downstream processes with specific technical advice, sales and customer service.

The new relationship is seen as an incredibly exciting opportunity in the growing European market. “We are excited to work together exploring the opportunities available to us in the Swiss and broader European markets,” Patrick Tanner, Swissbelt GmBH Managing Director, explained. “The food industry is a rapidly expanding pillar of the Swiss market and we are primed to move forward with this new partnership with Anritsu.

“We love the food industry in Switzerland, with so many unique products and opportunities, and can’t wait for our companies’ shared expertise to be a real driving force in the continued growth and development of the industry.”

Swissbelt GmBH will be joining the 20 strong portfolio of specialist distributors that make up Anritsu’s European Network. The partnership will also see the two companies sharing technical expertise with Swissbelt colleagues being invited to Anritsu’s Support Office in Venlo, the Netherlands to experience and learn from equipment demos and product specifications. This sharing of expertise is vital due to the long-life cycle of Anritsu machinery, which requires targeted maintenance. It further supports the company’s goal of sharing pertinent knowledge for the applied practice of practical problem solving.

Since forming in 1895, Anritsu has expanded its technological portfolio to include high spec metal detectors, x-ray machines and checkweighers amongst many other innovations.

“We feel there is a real synergy between the two companies, and we are very excited about this new distribution partnership with Switzerland’s premier provider of drives and conveyer belts,” Michael Stuart, Anritsu’s European Sales Director, added. “We’re looking forward to sharing best practice and supporting Swissbelt in its quest to ensure the Swiss food industry has access to all the finest technology available today and in the future.

“Anritsu is hugely enthused about the growing European market, and we continue to develop our business for the mutual benefit of our partners and our customers.”