A taste of Asturias come to the UK

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Ten leading restaurateurs including, the Ibérica Group, Porta Tapas, Lunya and Casa Med are joining forces with the UK’s leading artisanal Spanish food importer, Mevalco, and Asturias government’ International Trade body, Asturex. The collaboration will bring a range of specialist goods to consumers and restaurant tables during January and February 2023.

Showcasing the very best of Spain, artisan Spanish producers are working hand in hand with Mevalco and Asturex. This includes world famous blue cheeses such as Cabrales, Gamonedo and La Peral, and famous faba beans from “Codilex” – available for the first time in UK in their fresher frozen version.

As Spanish products continue to grow in popularity, Mevalco’s Managing Director David Menendez said: “This is the first of what we hope will be many initiatives where we are working in partnership with Spanish government bodies to bring new culinary inspirations to the table in the UK. 

“Over the past few years, Spanish food and wine have permeated the culinary landscape in the UK, and there is now profound interest in Spanish gastronomy. For this first promotion, we are working closely with our leading restaurant and retail partners to raise awareness of these incredible products.

“It’s now just as common to find Ibérico ham from Spain or Spanish olive oil in our British restaurants and gourmet supermarkets as it is to find Brie cheese from France or Parma ham from Italy. Consumers have really woken up to the magic of Spanish goods and restaurants are increasingly turning to us for fresh innovation and inspiration on their menus”.

As the International Trade Promotion Agency of the Principality of Asturias, Asturex’s mission is to promote the exports of regional companies and facilitate their international expansion.

“Asturian producers are welcoming a closer relationship with the UK, post Brexit,” Bruno López, General Manager of Asturex said, “and our partnership with Mevalco is a powerful example of how we are looking to work with UK restaurants and retailers to bring new and exciting products to consumers”.

Mevalco was announced as the leading Small Wholesaler of the Year by the FWD in 2019 and has enjoyed consistent growth and expansion, despite economic turbulence and increased administration that Brexit has placed on importers.

“This initiative is a further example of how importers, restaurants and retailers can work in partnership to bring great products and value to UK markets,” Mr Menendez concluded. “We hope that it is the first of many such promotions to support Spanish producers and continue to raise awareness of the quality and provenance of these ingredients”.