Alexandrion Group and Mexican tequila house Casa Aceves sign joint venture to create and launch multiple top-tier original tequila brands

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The Alexandrion Group is proud to announce the signing of a joint venture with the Casa Tequilera ‘Casa Aceves’ based in the Highlands of Jalisco, the main tequila-producing area in Mexico. The two leading alcoholic beverages producers have joined forces to create and launch multiple top-tier original tequila brands, covering the whole range.

Both Alexandrion Group and Casa Aceves will open branches through which this joint large-scale project will be coordinated and implemented. Alexandrion Group will distribute the products globally through its international hubs, established in different countries.

Tequila is a new product category within the Alexandrion Group’s portfolio, but one to further complement the group’s ongoing expansion plans. The Alexandrion Group is thrilled to collaborate with the dynamic team of the Aceves brothers who are revolutionising the art of tequila-making as a new generation of ‘Maestros Tequileros’, continuing to craft the finest quality blue agave tequila within their prestigious Casa Tequilera. This combination of talent has created the world’s most exquisite and renowned tequilas, which are smooth in texture, rich in taste and showing depth and complexity, reminiscent of the finest cognacs and single malts.

“It is always very exciting to bring a new category drink within the Alexandrion Group’s brand portfolio and to go on a new journey alongside experts such as the team at Casa Aceves,” said Dr. Nawaf Salameh, Founding Chairman of the Alexandrion Group. “Everything about the company’s brand holds true the values within our group of heritage and artisanal quality. It is also another step-forward for our ongoing global expansion plans to broaden our product range and offer more diversity to all our end consumers.”

“We are thrilled to synergise with the Alexandrion Group, a group that values quality, to incorporate our original tequilas into its global portfolio, thereby re-educating consumers about authentic tequila,” Mr. Jose Aceves, CEO of Casa Aceves said.

Tequila’s popularity has skyrocketed in recent years, capturing the attention of people worldwide. Producers have dedicated themselves to creating high-quality tequila, and as a result, this Mexican drink with a rich history of over four centuries has become a trendy and sought-after spirit.

Casa Aceves makes tequilas with 100% blue agave, grown in the magical land of the Highlands of Jalisco; the soil of this region is rich in certain minerals that grant enchanting notes to its Tequilas. For this reason, this region is known as the Golden Triangle of Tequila. “The Alexandrion Group loves to take on new challenges and opportunities, especially those that reflect the past, offer exceptional quality and provide a route map to the future,” Dr Salameh added, in conclusion.