Altamura Vodka launches in the UK

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Altamura Distilleries has announced the UK launch of its premium vodka (43% abv / 700 ml), which is available through Boutinot UK from 1st June 2023.

It’s the first spirit made from 100% ancient Altamura grains. It is distilled using a process that is carefully designed to preserve the pure essence of the ingredients that it is made from, resulting in a vodka that is elegant and refined on the palate, and rich in the notes that derive from the sun kissed Italian terroir and the use of Altamura wheat.

This unique, intense, smooth, and elegant vodka is distilled solely from specific wheat, which has been grown in Altamura or the adjoining communes of Puglia for over 2,000 years. Altamura wheat is known for its unchanged purity, which is the reason why the globally celebrated bread of Altamura has such a distinct flavour, making Altamura vodka a truly exceptional standout spirit.

“We are excited to offer a vodka that is truly unique and represents the values of our company,” said Founder Frank Grillo. “Altamura vodka is a state of mind, a world made of people who love to share and live their lives fully. Strong but elegant, intense but smooth, this vodka represents a new and undiscovered tasting experience. We are sure you will love it.”

The company invites vodka enthusiasts to try the product and discover its unique taste and the values that it represents. The region of Puglia is historically best known for its heritage and creation of Altamura bread, which has been appreciated worldwide for its uniqueness for over 2,000 years.

The wheat from Altamura forms the foundations of this fantastic culinary product, giving it its distinct flavour and making it a true culinary treasure. The brand will be a notable addition to the luxury on-trade and valued discovery for trend setting consumers who want to purchase in the off trade.