Baileys Chocolate expands range with new Birthday Cake Truffles

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Leading Irish chocolatier, Lir Chocolates, has announced a new product joining its highly popular Baileys Chocolate range with the introduction of Birthday Cake Truffles. With a nostalgic vanilla birthday cake flavour and a hint of Baileys, the treats are available to purchase at selected retailers including TK Maxx, B&M, The Range and Card Factory for RRP £4.

This new addition to the Baileys Chocolate range comes in response to the ever-growing demand for unique and indulgent chocolate experiences. 51% of chocolate consumers express an interest in purchasing newly launched flavours, and Lir Chocolates is looking to meet this demand with these luxurious and on-trend Birthday Cake Truffles.

The Birthday Cake Truffles are encased in a white chocolate shell with a creamy vanilla truffle centre, infused with the unmistakable flavour of Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur alongside the traditional vanilla birthday cake flavour. The truffles are individually presented in confetti-patterned twist-wraps and come in a carton featuring a colourful celebratory design. All this makes for an ideal, affordable gift option.

“We recognise the importance of providing memorable and tasteful gift options, while meeting consumer demand for both quality and affordability,” Alison Robson, Baileys Chocolate’s Marketing Manager, said. “We hope the combination of two iconic flavours, Baileys and Birthday Cake, will make for a fun and exciting new option for shoppers on the hunt for the perfect token gift.”

With eye-catching packaging and broad retail availability, Bailey Chocolate Birthday Cake Truffles offer a convenient gifting solution for shoppers seeking the perfect accompaniment to a birthday card.