Bart Ingredients brings the magic into festive cooking

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Herbs and spices company Bart Ingredients is helping consumers with the gift of festive cooking this Christmas with a new, limited-edition seasonal spice blend from the experts in flavour.

Bart Warming Winter Spice is a versatile blend of aromatic spices and orange peel that can be used with sweet and savoury dishes, including the brand’s recommended recipe of baked gammon ham found on the label.

Presented in a premium-feel sleek black tin, the limited addition spice is the perfect stocking filler, secret Santa or great little gift for foodie consumers.

Ali Wilde, marketing director at Bart Ingredients, said: “Christmas is a key sales period and displays and seasonal aisles contain more festive food offerings than ever before.

“Whilst it’s impossible to know what restrictions may look like later this year, we suspect families will want to go all out following last year’s muted activities. This means hosting big family gatherings and pulling all the stops out for accompanying meals. This year, creating delicious food is set to be a top priority for many consumers.

“Our Warming Winter Spice is a limited-edition blend of cassia, coriander, ginger, caraway, cloves and nutmeg with orange peel for a soft citrus kiss. It combines all the key flavours you expect to see at Christmas with a few alternative herbs and spices to really give festive meals an injection of flavour.

“We know that food gifts are important to consumers. Online searches for food gifts increased 427% in 2020 and those Googling for baking gifts more than doubled, making it the most significant rising gift trend of the year and resulting in circa 6,600 purchases per month.

“We hope our delicious bespoke blend will inspire home cooks to continue experimenting with seasonal flavours during the festive period. Warming Winter Spice is also featured in this year’s Degusta Advent Calendar on the 7th of December, meaning consumers have a couple of weeks before Christmas to experiment with the spice and make their own delicious meals.”

Bart Warming Winter Spice comes in a 45g tin and provides enough spice blend for at least three recipes. It is available exclusively at