Bear Robotics launches AI Robot to tackle staff shortages and improve working conditions

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Leading AI company Bear Robotics is launching Servi, an innovative new robot set to revolutionise the food service industry.

Servi helps hospitality and care home businesses, assisting staff by utilising AI and autonomous robot technology to serve and clear tables. This, in turn, allows waiting staff and care home employees to focus on delivering outstanding service to customers and patients.

Servi can be programmed to learn different table locations and is 100% self-driving. Built with an advanced LiDar sensor and multiple cameras, Servi navigates space intelligently, safely and with ease. Once the food and beverages have been delivered, Servi automatically knows to return to its post through internal weight sensors and the robot can be used in conjunction with other Servi models in multi-robot mode.

The launch comes at a time when staffing shortages continue to negatively impact the hospitality and senior care industries, providing welcome assistance to staff. Bear Robotics already has a presence in North America with over 9,000 robots in restaurants, corporate campuses, ghost kitchens, senior living facilities, casinos, and medical device factories. Bear Robotics is expanding in Europe and has a presence in Iceland, Ireland and the UK. 

The vision for Bear Robotics is to be globally recognised as the leader in automating the hospitality and goods moving processes, to help free up staff to carry out more productive and higher value-add roles in their organisations.

“Following a successful launch in Iceland and Ireland, Bear Robotics is now expanding its EMEA presence by launching in the United Kingdom,”

said Malachy Ryan, Head of Sales EMEA with Bear Robotics. “Further robots will be rolled out across Europe over the next three to four months. We’re talking to four- and five-star hotels as well as restaurants and nursing homes across the country. “Bear Robotics is responding to what businesses need. What we do is solve problems. We don’t replace people; we give them a chance to be redeployed.

“Our robot Servi helps staff to do their jobs more efficiently and helps make conditions more pleasant. Servi is suitable for restaurants and nursing homes in terms of delivering food to tables and to rooms. For example, Servi will reduce mundane tasks for staff like carrying dishes to and from the kitchen to tables that are on the other side of the restaurant or down long corridors in nursing homes.

“We’ve seen over the last few years that there’s a huge staff shortage problem in the hospitality sector. We want to bring the best service possible to businesses in these industries and elevate their customers experiences. There is a fear that staff will be replaced by robots, but they are there to lend an extra helping hand.”

Servi can be bought directly from Bear Robotics or rented for a monthly fee. More information on Bear Roboticssee can be found here, and meet Servi here.