Grandissimo Gold Pineapple

Del Monte Grandisimo Pineapple, The perfect ally for winter

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Rich in vitamins, pineapples are the ideal fruit to confront the winter, brighten up your meals and fill you with vitamins. The Del Monte Gold® Fresh Pineapple, are the most sold worldwide, due to its attractive golden colour, juicy and sweet flesh and its range of different sizes. After having discovered the original, the focus is now on Grandisimo; the star of the moment.

It is as big as it is delicious. This size 5 pineapple weighs between 2 and 2.5kg. At breakfast, lunch, dinner and as a snack, it is a delight, and is consumed across several days. Roti in the oven, grilled on a stove, integrated in fruit salads, mixed in a compote, there are various simple ways to enjoy its taste and benefits, because there is no shortage!

Fat-free (100g of pineapple provides less than 0.5g of lipids), rich in vitamin C (100g of pineapple provides the equivalent of more than 30% of the Nutritional Reference Values) intake of manganese, minerals, fibre and full of water, it is fresh, thirst-quenching and contains few calories.

Pineapples possess a beneficial action against oxidative stress linked to obesity, by protecting red blood cells and pre-adipose cells, and therefore would improve the antioxidant capacities of the body.

It provides a feeling of satiety quickly and is therefore a perfect detox ally after the holidays; allowing you to spend the winter in great shape. Ideal for a healthy diet, the Del Monte Gold® pineapple is particularly remarkable (and noticeable!) for its flavour that is twice as sweet as the traditional pineapple.

The Grandissimo pineapple is part of the Del Monte Gold® Extra Sweet variety. It is picked at maturity and transported by boat. It is fat-free, loaded with Vitamin C, fibre, and natural antioxidants. It has an affordable price and is Sustainably Grown.

The brand has 2 other varieties shipped by boat that will also satisfy the palate: The Original (greener, picked at optimal ripeness and transported by ship) and the Honeyglow (limited series, golden bark, picked at optimal ripeness and transported by ship). Finally, a fourth variety, also picked at optimum maturity, is transported by plane and available 48 hours after harvest.