WhistlePig PiggyBack Devil's Slide

Dry January done right

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You’ve spent the past month sipping Old World Rye, toasting Maple Old Fashioneds and now you’re looking to take a month off.  Maybe even follow through with some of your resolutions.  We get it and for your temporary teetotaling, we want you to have the best.

Welcome to the WhistlePig PiggyBack Devil’s Slide, where you can have it all – distilled from 100% Rye and aged 6 years for bold, complex flavour, then undistilled to a uniquely quaffable aged non-whiskey.  Enjoy it in the morning over during your next work Zoom™, refresh yourself after a hard workout, or enjoy in your next mocktail.

100% of the proceeds of this 100% Rye Non-Whiskey will benefit bartenders who have worked their tails off through the holiday season only to be rewarded by the January drought.

Feel good, do good, and enjoy the ryed.