Elopak unveils UK consumer campaign promoting sustainable Pure-Pak® cartons

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Global packaging supplier, Elopak has launched its first consumer-focused campaign, Packaging By Nature®, to promote its sustainable Pure-Pak® cartons directly to UK shoppers. The company’s Pure-Pak® cartons are already used by a number of UK brands and retailers from Graham’s The Family Dairy to Morrisons.

The predominantly digital campaign will target both Eco-Activists and Eco-Considerers and encourage them both to challenge the plastic bottle norm and seek out milk and juice packaged in cartons instead.

Determined to leave behind a better planet for the next generation and inspired by nature, Pure-Pak® cartons offer a renewable, low carbon alternative to plastic bottles. A Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) from 2020 which compared the environmental impacts of different types of beverage packaging, has concluded that beverage cartons have the lowest impact on the environment in their main categories, milk and fruit juice, by a significant margin compared to glass and plastic bottles.

Via a series of Facebook and Instagram posts and adverts, Elopak will educate consumers on the benefits of choosing Pure-Pak® cartons as the sustainable solution, as well as demonstrating how nature inspires everything the company does. An influencer campaign will also support the social media activity. It is hoped that by raising consumer awareness and knowledge, this will drive demand among both producers and retailers for more beverages to be sold in cartons.

A recent survey conducted by Elopak amongst fresh milk buyers, confirms that plastic reduction matters to consumers, with 76% of fresh milk buyers already choosing food and drink products based on sustainability.

Commenting on the campaign Elopak’s Market Unit Manager UK and Ireland, Martin Shaw stated: “With consumers demanding a more sustainable future, a renewable, low carbon, naturally sustainable carton is the convenient consumer choice. The UK’s milk sector in particular has a real opportunity to move away from traditional plastic bottles and retailers have a responsibility to achieve their sustainability targets. Milk and juice in cartons significantly reduce plastic and increase use of renewable and responsibly sourced materials, which is a crucial part of meeting global climate targets, but also provide shoppers with the choice to make a difference”.

Shaw continued: “A number of brands, including Arla LactoFree, are already packaged in Pure-Pak® cartons. We would like to see this type of sustainable approach filtered down to more brands, and ultimately to the mainstream retailer’s own ranges too and we believe that by educating the consumer on what to look for, we can achieve this”.