Nature’s Bounty non-alcoholic cocktail

FLUÈRE and Andretti United Extreme E unveil ‘Nature’s Bounty’ non-alcoholic cocktail

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FLUÈRE has revealed its signature non-alcoholic cocktail to be celebrated at the final race of the 2021 Extreme E Championship on 18th-19th December. ‘Nature’s Bounty’ will be the cocktail championed at the Jurassic X Prix in Dorset, United Kingdom – round five of the Championship.

FLUÈRE, the non-alcoholic spirit label owned by Next Frontier Brands, has created a bespoke non-alcoholic cocktail to bring awareness to climate change issues facing each Extreme E race location.

The livery of the Andretti United Extreme E ODYSSEY 21 vehicle driven by Catie Munnings and Timmy Hansen, usually inspired by the cocktail, was chosen by the winner of a competition run by FLUÈRE for this race. The winner selected the FLUÈRE Original Botanical Blend livery, used in the previous round in Sardinia.

Andretti United currently sit third in the Teams’ Championship standings and will be looking to secure that podium spot in Dorset, building on their victory in round three in Greenland.

Extreme E events are chosen to raise awareness of the impact of climate change around the world, with the first four races taking place in Saudi Arabia (Desert X Prix), Senegal (Ocean X Prix), Greenland (Arctic X Prix) and Sardinia (Island X Prix).

The Jurassic X Prix will take place at Bovington on the UK’s South Coast in order to highlight how rising sea levels are causing a climate crisis due to irreversible damage caused by coastal erosion.

Bovington is a well-known British Army military base sitting just off the coastline, and Extreme E are working with the British Ministry of Defence to mitigate the environmental impact of their activity, such as piloting electric armoured vehicles and building carbon efficient accommodation.

The ‘Nature’s Bounty’ cocktail mix has a distinctly international feel to it, including ingredients such as spiced cane and coconut water to draw attention to the gift of nature ahead of the Jurassic X Prix finale.

FLUÈRE is a category leader in distilled non-alcoholic drinks, owned by forward thinking and sustainably minded consumer packaged goods’ business, Next Frontier Brands. 

Through its partnership with Andretti United Extreme E, FLUÈRE is committed to playing a part in raising awareness of climate change impacts and motivate greater consideration for what can be done to stem damage to the planet.

Roiby Gonzalez, Chief Marketing Officer at Next Frontier Brands, said: “Extreme E has achieved so much in its first season in regard to drawing attention to the role sport can play in the fight against climate challenge.

“We are delighted to have been small part of the Championship’s journey through our partnership with Andretti United Extreme E, utilising our shared passion for raising awareness of the impact of climate change. Here’s hoping the team can continue their fantastic form into the final race at the Jurassic X Prix!”