Zymurgorium’s Original Sloe Gin

Gin brand toasts dark fruit loving Danish drinkers

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Zymurgorium, the prolific Manchester-based distillery and creator of award winning, never before seen gins, liqueurs and rums, is celebrating its continued success with exports to the EU throughout the Brexit transition, as it continues to prosper.

With the new challenges that Brexit and the Covid-19 pandemic presented, Zymurgorium is proud to have continued to export to the EU, working with clients in Denmark, Southern Ireland, and the Canary Islands.

Denmark is one of Zymurgorium’s oldest and most successful EU exports, with the brand exporting there 2019.  Zymurgorium’s Original Sloe Gin has proven to be one of the most popular exports for dark fruit loving Danes, with shipments continuing over the past three years.

Zymurgorium’s Sloe Gin is the first Manchester sloe gin, a sumptuous and ultra-complex gin based on an old passed down family recipe.

The gin is crafted by sticking to traditional methods, using sloes from around the Northwest, such as the Manchester green belt, Delamere Forest, Macclesfield, Pennines, and Lancashire. The Zymurgorium recipe uses less sugar but a higher content of wild sloes and gin to give a richer flavour of spice and plum.

The gin has proved particularly popular with a Danish audience, who prefer dark fruit spirits, with elderflower (hyldeblomst) and black currant (solbær) often the traditional flavours enjoyed. Zymurgorium’s sloe gin, crafted from Northwest wild sloes offers Danish consumers a new flavour profile, whilst in keeping with the dark forest fruit flavours they prefer.

The Zymurgorium now looks to expand across Denmark further in 2022, as well as looking to export to North America. Zymurgorium also has plans to create a plethora of new products in 2022 as it expands its Cane Toad Rum range and gifting lines.

Managing director of Zymurgorium, Aaron Darke said: “We successfully achieved our ambitious UK expansion plans in 2021 and moving into 2022, international expansion is really a key target for us in terms of growth. This is not to say it doesn’t come with its own challenges in a post pandemic and Brexit world but is something we are really keen to expand on and bring the Zymurgorium brand to new international territories.”

The Zymurgorium distillery based in Irlam, Greater Manchester, conducts its operations all under one roof including distilling, bottling, warehouse, and office functions, with state-of-the-art production and bottling facilities.

The distillery has the incredible capacity to produce nearly 70 million bottles a year, equating to a staggering 20,000km if laid end-to-end. The business was launched by Aaron Darke in 2013 with a multi-million-pound investment into the development of a new distillery, state of the art bottling line; whilst developing a range of internal systems including implementation of the SALSA standard.

Known for its distinct industry innovations including the world’s first Parma Violet gin liqueur and the world’s first Ruby Chocolate rum, Zymurgorium has over 30 plus spirits and liqueurs in its range, including a host of new alcoholic innovations set to launch this year.