Gü releases new frozen range

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This summer, the frozen desserts category is set to receive a luxurious makeover as Gü Desserts introduces its innovative new line of frozen sundaes, exclusively at Waitrose. The range features three decadent flavours and will be available from 9th June 2024.

Gü Desserts will now be available in two categories: chilled and frozen. As the pioneer and undisputed best-selling brand in the premium chilled desserts category, this expansion is expected to have a significant impact on the market.

Gü’s entry into the frozen dessert category is driven by a notable 12% increase in home indulgence over the past three years, reflecting a shift towards premium in-home experiences (Attest 2024). Furthermore, 58% of UK consumers are planning to reduce their dining-out expenses due to ongoing economic pressure, which has heightened the demand for luxurious home-based treats (KPMG 2024).

“Gü is thrilled to introduce the new frozen sundae range, which opens up exciting opportunities for innovation,” said Senior Innovation Manager at Gü Emma Heeney. “These individual indulgent treats address a gap in the freezer aisle typically dominated by family-style desserts.”

“We set out to create a new indulgence experience like never before with our sundaes, overflowing with our signature luxuriously smooth French salted caramel,” explained The Frozen Sundae Range Creator and Gü Master Patisserie Chef Fred Ponnavoy. “As masters of sweet temptations, we’ve crafted frozen delights that we believe redefine dessert. Our premium ingredients ensure exceptional flavour, whilst innovative textures add an extra layer of delight.”

The three favours introducing the range are:

Double Salted Caramel & Mascarpone Sundae- Frozen salted caramel crème, creamy smooth mascarpone and signature French butter salted caramel that stays gooey when frozen, all topped with a sprinkle of Speculoos biscuit for a stunning contrast in textures.

Caramel, Chocolate, and Hazelnut Sundae- Biscuit sprinkles, velvety hazelnut chocolate ganache and creamy mascarpone layered with gooey salted caramel. A dream for nut and chocolate lovers, this sundae mixes crunch with velvety layers, creating a moment of true indulgence.

Clotted Cream and Chocolate Crunch Sundae- Chocolate biscuit sprinkle, sumptuous clotted cream and hidden crunchy chocolatey pieces, all sat on a layer of gooey salted caramel. Ideal for those who love their desserts with a bit of crunch, this sundae combines traditional flavours in an innovative way.

Charlotte Brown, Senior Brand Manager at Gü, commented: “Launching exclusively with Waitrose this June allows us to debut our frozen treats in a setting that is known for its discerning shoppers and emphasis on quality. This partnership will pave the way for broader distribution later this year, perfectly aligning with our strategic goals to create more at-home indulgent moments with Gü.”

The frozen range will be available at 253 Waitrose stores nationwide starting June 9, 2024, with plans for broader distribution across other major UK retailers in late summer.

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