Innovative UK Distiller Launches Range Of Classic Spiced Rums With Origins In Another Universe!

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Zymurgorium Group, the prolific Manchester-based distillery and creator of award winning, never before seen gins, liqueurs and rums, is further developing its offering with the launch of a new range of rums.

The series of classic flavours has been born out of the skill and knowledge of the distilling team to build a range with both local and Caribbean stories and tastes. 

The rums have been meticulously researched for their flavour profile, history and provenance in a bid to disrupt the market with an edgy new brand aimed at customers who look for quality and an engaging story behind the products they love.

As with all Zymurgorium Group products, the Cane Toad Rum range is built around an original story. The brand is rooted in the Origiverse and the adventures of characters including Admiral Winky and Kane The Cane Toad.  The imaginary world has an epic tale to tell, created by Zymurgorium founder, and lead creative mind, Aaron Darke.

Aaron Darke said; “It’s no secret that we love a story here at Zymurgorium and that of the Cane Toad Rums and the Origiverse is our most epic yet.  We wanted to create a really high-quality product to rival any spiced rum on the market, but with a very unique story behind it. 

“We’re going to take this brand on a journey offering the consumer the chance to come along for the ride.  We have written a detailed series of adventure tales which will be released via the website ( to offer a truly engaging experience for rum drinkers.  We also hope that the brand will appeal to gamers, comic book fans and anyone else who loves a rip-roaring tale.”

The appropriately named Super Massive Black Spiced Rum offers History, provenance and Spiced Molasses in one distinctive bottle.  It has a powerful Caribbean molasses profile, drawing from premium blends from across the Caribbean including distilleries close to the Blue Mountains and Montego Bay.   An element of the blend has a direct connection to the City of Salford where the distillery is based through Simon, Baronet of Salford who was exiled for highway robbery whilst serving as a Naval officer in 1730.

Next up is Khanage Wars Indian Spiced Rum where predominant rich Caribbean rums are balanced with delicate Mauritius rum, sourced from the vivacious Indian Ocean island, bringing notes of tea and spices to the blend. The distillery is flanked by the picturesque Port Louis reef, which defines the vibrant island lifestyle.

The third in the range is Ruby Eyes Chocolate Rum which is the first spirit made using the luxurious pink Ruby Chocolate.  It’s a premium Rum blended with this newly discovered spice to give textures of silk, deep chocolate and ripe berries. will explore the Origiverse by following the adventures of the hero, Admiral Winky and the crew of his ship, The Drifting Dreamer. Each rum tells a story of the Admiral and his nemesis, Captain Henry M…all told from the perspective of the enigmatic narrator, Cane Toad.

The Zymurgorium Group distillery based in Irlam, Greater Manchester, conducts all of its operations in-house all under one roof including distilling, bottling, warehouse, and office functions, with state-of-the-art production and bottling facilities.

The Cane Toad Rums are available to buy from the Zymurgorium Group’s sales website

The business was launched by Aaron Darke in 2013 with a multi-million-pound investment into the development of a new distillery, state of the art bottling line; whilst developing a range of internal systems including implementation of the SALSA standard. Known for its distinct industry innovations including the world’s first Parma Violet gin liqueur and the world’s first Ruby Chocolate rum, Zymurgorium has over 30 plus spirits and liqueurs in its range, including a host of new alcoholic innovations set to launch this year.