JS Davidson extends range of services to deliver one-stop-shop solution

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Leading temperature-controlled solutions specialist JS Davidson has extended its range of services in order to deliver an all-encompassing one-stop-shop solution for its ever-growing customer base.

JS Davidson, which has two sites across Peterborough and Bourne, has expanded its offering in line with the company having recently rebranded from Chiltern Cold Storage to JS Davidson earlier this year.

The move to JS Davidson was made to not only reflect this new chapter, but also to highlight its growing status within its marketplace as a one-stop-shop provider of distribution, ambient, chilled and frozen storage and supply chain solution services.

By listening to the needs of customers both existing and new to create a flexible and comprehensive offering, along with streamlining its operation through substantial investment into key areas, the fast-expanding business has already reaped the rewards under the new era – having added a flurry of new customers to its portfolio over the past 12 months.

To mark the occasion, JS Davidson has also invested in a new-look website which will showcase the company’s latest range of services that have each been designed with the customer solely in mind.

“We are delighted to have expanded our range of services for the benefit of our much-valued customers, which will now feature distribution, ambient, chilled and frozen storage and supply chain solution services,” John Davidson, Managing Director at JS Davidson commented. “While our background has predominantly focused on cold storage, the company has since evolved, and our offering today is considerably more far reaching. This was the main reason behind the company rebranding as we felt that the former name simply did not accurately reflect the company’s capabilities.

“Our range of services now portrays our true offering, which is essentially a supply chain solutions provider and a one stop solution for customers both existing and new.

“This new chapter was the natural next step enabling us to reflect the business’ values, ethos and comprehensive offering that is not only our foundation but a springboard for future growth. Ultimately, for us, it is an exciting time and is a move which will undoubtedly reinforce our position in the marketplace and underpin continued growth.”