Kew Gardens launches seasonal ingredients range with Odysea

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The Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew has partnered with Mediterranean ingredients specialist, Odysea, to launch a range that showcases a dedication to biodiversity, heritage and sourcing.

Available from mid-August the landmark collection features 14 limited edition products ranging from fruit compotes, honey, olive oils and antipasti which will be available from Kew Gardens’ gift shop and online. 

Kew and Odysea’s shared commitment to hyper-seasonal produce has created a range that will evolve as the seasons develop. With Pressed Heirloom Tomatoes appearing in late summer, to Spring Blossom Honey in March, Orange Blossom Honey in May and Oak Tree Honey in July.

Odysea’s olive farmers protect their local biodiversity, climate, water quality and soil fertility with traditional farming methods, all of which are paramount to RBG Kew’s shared mission to protect biodiversity loss. The limited-edition Kew Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil is harvested just before the olives ripen — between 25th October and 11th November. This early harvest locks in a high polyphenol content, which contributes to the oil’s unique, peppery taste.

Pomegranate Balsamic Vinegar and Apple Balsamic Vinegar are another exciting addition to the condiment collection. The juice from Golden and Red Delicious apples is matured for four to five years in oak barrels to create a sweet and fruity vinegar. Pomegranate juice is aged for one year to create a distinctive ruby red vinegar, which can be used much like red wine or sherry vinegar.

Odysea has created a new Pomegranate Harissa for the collection, which infuses its signature smoky chilli and red pepper meze with the ruby red sweetness of pomegranate. Swirl it through hummus, spread it on grilled white fish, or enjoy as part of a meze with warm pitta bread and KEW Green Conservolia or Alexandria Style Olives and KEW Olive Tapenades.

Wild Fig Compote and Morello Cherry Compote are inspired by the Greek custom of spoon sweets. Made when fresh fruit is in abundance and preserved for the colder months, guests are traditionally offered a spoon of compote with a cup of coffee in a true gesture of hospitality and connection through food.

Kew’s iconic hand-drawn botanical art adorn each limited edition Odysea product, illustrating raw ingredients, wild butterflies and flowers. Sharing such core values of biodiversity, quality and tradition, Odysea and the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew is delighted to share the fruits of its collaboration and create a delicious feast this summer.