Looking after mental and physical health with new Rescue Bears vitamin

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Winter depression is an ever-growing health crisis as our bodies are affected by reduced levels of sunlight and a drop in serotonin, impacting our mood. But ahead of the January blues, vegan health and wellbeing brand Nutrigums has released a new product as part of its specialist range to help improve overall mental wellbeing.

Bringing goodness for both the body and soul while also enhancing your mood, the company has created Nutrigums Rescue Bears, designed to support the nervous system and release muscle tension to promote relaxation both inside and out. Suitable for both vegans and vegetarians with a blend of fruit-based pectin, the naturally flavoured pineapple gummies are packed with carefully researched nutrients from B2, B3, B6 and B12 as well as zinc and amino acids.

“Everyday anxiety is becoming ever more apparent in today’s busy society,” Shona Wilkinson, consultant nutritionist for Nutrigums said, “and we recognised that often this is simply down to a lack in certain vitamins due to diet, season and hereditary deficiencies.

“Rescue Bears was designed to encapsulate a wide range of vitamins and ingredients that hold stress relieving properties as well as support cognitive function. Produced in our specialist fruit fibre format, there are also no added sugars, contributing to better health – unlike many other gummies on the market.”

Comprised of vitamins B5 B2, B3, B6 and B12 Rescue Bears contributes to optimal mental performance and normal psychological function. The gummies also include herbs such as lemon balm, chamomile and green tea which boost memory and concentration while aiding muscle relaxation.  

“It’s important to us to promote health from within,” Ms Wilkinson said, “we want people to look and feel their best, and the chewable format also makes it easier to take and build into your everyday routine. Our supplements offer consumers a quick and easy way to improve their mental health while improving their overall health.”

Zinc helps our cognitive function and immune system, and iodine along with amino acids, glycine and taurine are all important for aiding our mental functions and energy-yielding metabolism. Prebiotics are also included helping to stimulate the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut which contributes to a healthy digestive system and strengthened immune system, making Rescue Bears a great source of water-soluble fibre too.

Rescue Bears are suitable for adults and children over the age of five and above. They are nutrient-packed chewable gummies that are Halal and Kosher certified as well as vegan and vegetarian suitable. This is due to a technologically advanced blend of prebiotic and fruit pectin gelling agent instead of the standard animal-derived gelatine that people have come to expect from gummy-based products.

Nutrigums products are deliciously designed gummy vitamins, which act as a palatable alternative to taking chunky tablet-form vitamins that are hard to swallow, challenging the notion that vitamins are a chore to take.  

The Rescue Bears gummies will be available across Amazon, Morrisons and selected Superdrug stores across the UK with an RRP of £19.99 for a 60-day pack.

You can purchase other Nutrigums products online here.