Maison Mirabeau makes waves with new Pure rosé bottle

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Maison Mirabeau has unveiled a new bottle design for its flagship Mirabeau Pure rosé, drawing inspiration from carefree moments spent on the beautiful beaches of the Côte d’Azur. 

The elegant, undulating design imitates the ripples of the Mediterranean and was conceived by Maison Mirabeau co-founder Jeany Cronk, who heads up all design elements for the brand and was behind the multi-award-winning bottle design for Mirabeau Dry Rosé Gin. 

Ms Cronk spent over two years developing the new Mirabeau Pure bottle, which was brought to life in partnership with James Gulliford of Launch Design and Mirabeau’s primary glass partner Saver – a world specialist in the manufacture of high-end bottles. 

“Beautiful bottles are very much part of the Mirabeau experience,” Ms Cronk said. “Having designed the unique, award-winning bottle for our Dry Rosé Gin and seen the joy it brought to people, I was determined to do the same for our iconic ultra-pale rosé, Mirabeau Pure. The captivating bottle seeks to transport our customers to the beaches of the Med and does justice to the quality of one of our best-loved rosés. Watching the new bottle filled with our new vintage rosé for the first time was a very special moment.”

The new design has already won a coveted Design Masters Medal from The Drinks Business and is the latest example of the brand channelling its creative eye for design into capturing the distinct identities of its cuvées. In line with Maison Mirabeau’s sustainable mindset, the bottle was also purposefully designed to be reused. 

“We’ve loved seeing our gin bottles reinvented as vases, water bottles and for all manner of creative, decorative purposes,” added Ms Cronk, “so designing a bottle that is gorgeous enough to deserve a second life is always a priority for us. We are delighted with the new Mirabeau Pure design and my hope is that people will upcycle their bottles once the wine has been enjoyed. That would be the ultimate seal of approval.”

Mirabeau Pure will be available to buy with the new vintage on Mirabeau’s website from 13th April and available on shelves in Waitrose from 10th May.