New M&S dine in deal is only £10 for 2 – date night of dreams

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The latest M&S Dine In deal is here so get ready to channel all your winter-warmer needs as the nights draw in. The Slow Cooked Dine In menu brings not just the classic flavours associated with a typical British winter, but also inspiration from the middle east, Spain, Asia and Mexico too! Just because it’s cooling down outside doesn’t mean you have to take the heat off those flavours, or spend hours toiling over dinner, because M&S has done all the hard work for you.

Will it be classic British Chicken Legs in Red Wine Sauce with Colcannon Mash and Tenderstem Broccoli on the side? Or perhaps a Slow Cooked Texas Pork Shoulder in a spicy chilli sauce, accompanied by Skin On Fries and some of our famous BBQ Pit Beans? Either way, you won’t be disappointed in the flavour-packed dishes on offer, and the hassle-free nature of our best-selling slow cooked range. Enjoying the quality of a dish that’s taken hours to prepare, without any of the faff!

Each of these menu choices has been carefully slow cooked, ensuring the meat is tender, juicy, and perfectly cooked. We use techniques from top restaurant kitchens to ensure the flavour and quality of these dishes is second to none, many of the dishes have been cooked ‘sous vide’ to lock in moisture and deliver that ‘melt in the mouth’ texture.

The Slow Cooked Dine In is available until November 1st so as the nights get colder put on those comfies and curl up with Slow Cooked.