No.1 premium countline brand in the UK, Lindt LINDOR launches price-marked packs

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Established global premium chocolate brand and No 1 boxed brand in the UK, Lindt LINDOR has launched price-marked packs (PMPs) in two on-the-go Lindt LINDOR stick flavours; Milk and Salted Caramel at 95p per 38g (38×24 SRP). In response to consumer demand, Lindt LINDOR’s new PMPs are available to convenience outlets and independents from wholesalers; Nisa, AF Blakemore, Appleby Westward, Parfetts, United Wholesale, United Grocers, Bestway Wholesale, Dhamecha, Hancocks.

“Since their launch in 2016, Lindt LINDOR bars have proved hugely popular in the convenience and on-the-go sector,” A spokesperson from Lindt & Sprüngli commented. “The bars are an affordable treat with the strapline ‘Take a moment of bliss wherever you go’. We always endeavour to assess the market and innovate where demand lies and found that PMPs, although well established, are one of the most successful promotional techniques which represent good value for money.

“We believe PMPs will only increase in popularity, especially as the clear pricing provides reassurance the shopper isn’t being over charged. We understand the importance of PMPs in the impulse sector and strive to support retailers by including our top-selling bars as PMPs.

With economic hardship prevalent across the country, it’s increasingly important for consumers to be savvier than ever. Lindt & Sprüngli’s extensive research into the market found that price is a particularly important factor for snacking purchases, with crisps and snacks part of the top five categories bought on PMP (source: Polaris Research 2022; Lumina Intelligence).

With 63% of shoppers believing PMPs suggest they are not being overcharged, PMPs help store owners overcome the misconception that they are more expensive than grocers. They can also encourage impulse purchases with 58% of shoppers trusting PMPs are on promotion (Source: TWC Trends, Spring 2021).

PMPs clear pricing encourages repeat visits from customers, they are more likely to trust the store and it allows them to budget accordingly. To this end, price-marked pack purchasing (48.2%) and promotion purchasing (44.5%) has increased as inflation rises. Price-marked pack countlines are growing year-on-year in impulse with an 18.1% increase in countline PMP in impulse (Source: Consumer price inflation, UK – Office for National Statistics).

Why should grocers and convenience stores stock up on two Lindt LINDOR PMP bar flavours?  Because the Lindt LINDOR Milk Bar is the No.1 boxed and snacking flavour, followed by Lindt LINDOR Salted Caramel Bars as the No.2 skus by ROS. If stocking two PMP skus, it ensures greater visibility on the shelf and allows store owners to offer choice without inconsistency in price.