Oatly launches soft serve ice cream in the UK in latest food service play

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Oatly Group AB, the world’s original and largest oat drink company, today announced it was launching its latest innovation – Oatly Vanilla Soft Serve ice cream – into the UK market.

Oatly Vanilla Soft Serve is available to food service providers and is an innovative step forward in alternative dairy food innovation – providing the cold, creamy texture of soft serve ice cream but made with oats. Oatly Vanilla Soft Serve is suitable for vegans and is soy- and dairy-free.

Oatly Vanilla Soft Serve was first previewed to UK customers during London Coffee Festival in April and is now available with a range of launch partners, including The Breakfast Club, and Fortnum & Mason – where you can experience Oatly’s delicious soft serve ice cream in The Parlour in the iconic department store in Piccadilly.

JENKI will be using the product to create a unique Matcha Soft Serve ice cream available in its Matcha bars across London, and plant-based restaurant chain, Neat Burger, backed by Leonardo DiCaprio and Lewis Hamilton, will also exclusively be using Oatly Soft Serve in its soft serve shakes. 

“At Oatly, we’re committed to making it as easy as possible for people to incorporate more plant-based food and drinks into their everyday life,” Bryan Carroll, General Manager for Oatly in the UK and Ireland, said. “That means creating products for every occasion where you might typically find dairy. Food service is critical to that mission, and we’re delighted to have launched with like-minded brands that are recognising people want more than just dairy on offer. We have exciting plans for this product and look forward to bringing Oatly Vanilla Soft Serve to festivals across the UK this summer.”

This year, Oatly has launched more products into the UK market than any year previous. Last month, Oatly introduced four new drink products: Oatly Whole, Oatly Semi, Oatly Light and Oatly “No” Sugars which are available in all major supermarkets.