Procera's Red Dot Gin

Procera releases new 2022 vintages of its award-winning gins

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Trailblazing Kenyan gin distiller Procera has announced the latest annual vintage release of its acclaimed Red Dot and Green Dot Gins. Distilled in the capital of Nairobi, both gins are unique in using fresh juniperus procera harvested nearby in the Kenyan Highlands.

Procera state that it is currently the only gin using this indigenous African juniper species, and one of the very few distilleries in the world to distil fresh juniper, as opposed to using a dried form of the fruit.

Procera’s gins are also unique in being released as vintage expressions. This showcases the terroir of the area and the subtle variations the climatic conditions have on the fresh juniper and African botanicals used to make its gins.

These vintages follow the successful releases of its 2021 hero bottlings. Both the previous years have received a gold medal at the prestigious San Francisco Spirits Awards.

The Nairobi-based brand will release just 300 bottles of each gin to the UK market in October, meaning these spirits are sure to be in high demand. A price tag of £95 and £115 respectively reflect their ultra-premium positioning.

This price also makes them an affordable luxury purchase for both spirits collectors and home bartenders eager to investigate a completely unique African spirit.

Through its use of fresh African juniper and other botanicals, Procera’s gins offer an earthy, nutty yet bright flavour profile, truly representative of its terroir and birthplace.

Procera comes in an unforgettable hand-blown bottle, crafted by the incredible team at Kitengela Hot Glass, while the striking wood stoppers are hand carved by more of Kenya’s finest artisans.

The brand’s Red Dot and Green Dot releases differ markedly in style. Showcasing a distinctive spicy profile, The Red Dot contains five African pepper botanicals, making it an excitingly punchy gin.

Green Dot, meanwhile, is unique in being a ‘one-botanical’ gin which uses components from a single tree. This includes juniper berries, toasted wood, and tree foliage. Representing what can be described as the ultimate expression of the juniperus procera tree in liquid form. Procera has said this is a completely unique concept in gin distilling.

Sustainability is of utmost importance to Procera. The distillery has planted 15,000 Procera trees in the Kenyan Highlands since launch. It utilises only recycled glass, and collaborates closely with local farmers and artisans, building long term partnerships which benefit communities and create employment.

Through careful environmental stewardship and a commitment to social sustainability, the Procera team is committed to creating an equitable supply chain in Kenya.