Quadruple growth for international biryani brand six months into UK expansion

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International food brand Behrouz Biryani is celebrating a successful six months after taking its number of UK franchises from seven to 35. 

Representing an expansion rate of over 400%, the impressive figures put the brand in good stead to smash its target of over 50 restaurant partners by July this year.  

Over the past six months, the brand has opened an average of one restaurant a week across London and nearby regions and is reaching new customers continuously with its authentic biryanis.  

Behrouz Biryani is widely regarded as India’s most loved biryani brand, and is a key name under Rebel Foods, which is the world’s largest internet restaurant company, and one of India’s most significant foodtech players. 

Last year marked Behrouz’s launch into the UK market, and in less than 12 months, it has taken the country’s food industry by storm, becoming the UK’s fastest-growing internet restaurant brand. Available by delivery only, Behrouz Biryani aims to bring Brits the authentic taste of India’s popular rice dish, biryani, through its network of partner restaurants that offer Behrouz dishes via Deliveroo, UberEats, JustEat or the Behrouz Biryani website.  

“We’re passionate about celebrating what is currently an underrepresented dish here in the UK, while educating people on the right way to enjoy biryanis,” Kaustubh Khare, brand country head for Behrouz Biryani UK, said. “We wanted to make premium biryanis accessible to expats craving the comfort of home and Brits who want to enjoy the authentic flavour of one of India’s most popular dishes. It’s encouraging to see how our customers have loved and enjoyed our offering in the UK over the last six months. Over the coming months, we’re looking forward to expanding our menu and reaching new customers as we enter new regions and cities across the country.” 

Behrouz’s successes lie in Rebel Foods’ ground-breaking business model, which uses commercial kitchens to build internet restaurant brands that deliver delicious meals to customers’ doorsteps. Using the Rebel Operating System, Behrouz Biryani marries culinary innovation with technology. From inventory and kitchen management to demand management and fulfilment, its full-stack technology allows for expansion and growth, while maintaining food quality.     

Here in the UK, partner restaurants can be found across major cities including London, Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds. 

“It’s not just about our fantastic food; for us Behrouz Biryani is also about supporting the UK hospitality industry, which is still, in many ways, recovering following the pandemic and the ongoing cost of living crisis,” Mr Khare added. “Our innovative franchise model allows existing restaurants to become a franchise with us, and supplement their income by working with a successful international brand partner, without having to upskill or take on new staff.  

“With Behrouz Biryani, our vision is to offer food lovers an indulgent royal biryani experience and food operators the chance to increase their profit without high risk.” 

Behrouz Biryani’s menu currently offers a variety of chicken, mutton and vegetable biryani with some of its popular dishes, including Dum Gosht Mutton biryani and Lazeez Chicken Bhuna biryani. The menu caters to multiple preferences, including halal, and offers a selection of kebabs and naans as sides.  

To find out more about Behrouz Biryani, visit