Smartwatch connection to Schaerer coffee machines relieves employees and increases service quality in retail

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Today, smartwatches make our lives easier in many areas. Together with the Swedish wearable tech company Turnpike, Schaerer is now offering retailers an exceptional smartwatch integration solution for Schaerer coffee machines.

This proactively informs employees about upcoming service tasks, thereby increasing both staff efficiency and machine availability. The basis for this is the digital solution Schaerer Coffee Link. Its interface (API) enables the seamless networking of Schaerer machines on the Internet of Things (IoT) and thus integration into Turnpike’s cloud services and smartwatch software.

The innovative application was jointly implemented for the first time for long-standing Schaerer customer Circle K – a leading operator of convenience shops and petrol stations.

The sale of specialty coffees contributes significantly to revenue in petrol and service stations and as well in convenience stores. At the same time, servicing the machines, most of which are used for self-service, is a challenge for the staff. In addition to their main tasks, they must ensure that the coffee machines are filled with sufficient coffee beans, milk, or toppings.

The smartwatch integration solution from Schaerer and Turnpike takes the pressure off staff to check the machines at regular intervals. Instead, the wristwatch uses the machine consumption data transmitted in real time to proactively inform staff that a service, such as refilling milk, is required.

In addition to notifications for required ingredients, other events can also be transmitted to the smartwatch, including upcoming cleaning, descaling or any machine malfunctions. This allows the employees to optimally schedule all tasks into their workflow.

The solution also has clear added value for end users. Thanks to the perfectly serviced machines, they receive the drinks they want in the best quality. What’s more, they can even trigger a notification to the service employee’s smartwatch by touching the corresponding symbol on the machine display.

“The collaboration with Turnpike underlines our ambition to inspire the world of coffee enjoyment,” said Customer Success Manager at Schaerer Sandro Bianchi. “By connecting our coffee machines to Turnpike’s technology, we are helping our customers to optimise their coffee business and at the same time reduce the workload of their employees. In addition, we support them in creating a special coffee moment for their customers.”

“We are delighted to be realising this smartwatch integration solution together with Schaerer,” said Co-Founder of Turnpike Carl Norberg. “The combination of our wearable technology and Schaerer’s coffee machines sets new standards in retail in terms of efficiency and service quality. Our goal: a seamless collaboration between man and machine to create an unrivalled experience.” The new smartwatch application was implemented for the first time for long-standing customer Circle K. The brand, which belongs to the Canadian company Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc., is one of the world’s largest operators of convenience shops and petrol stations. The collaboration between Schaerer and Circle K began in the USA in 2018, and European shops have also been equipped with Schaerer coffee machines since 2020. The company currently has a total of around 1,800 Schaerer Coffee Soul models in its shops.