Stoli Group renews Ukraine support to World Central Kitchen

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Stoli Group has announced it is renewing its support for World Central Kitchen (WCK) a non-profit organisation that provides meals in times of crisis, which continues to provide millions of meals to the Ukrainian people affected by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. 

Throughout 2023, Stoli Group will continue to sell the Stoli® Limited Edition Ukraine bottle, which was personally delivered to Ukraine. The bottle is now in every major market and continues to raise awareness and money for WCK. In the weeks ahead additional fundraising events will be announced by Stoli Group.  

“Ukraine has suffered immense loss. It is an obligation and an honour to do what we can, and we are proud to support WCK,” commented Damian McKinney, Global CEO, Stoli Group. “Since the start of the invasion last year, WCK has served more than 200 million meals to displaced Ukrainians across eight countries, including 184 million meals in Ukraine alone. 

“Stoli Group’s support so far has helped serve more than 36,000 meals to Ukrainian refugees and internally displaced people. For instance, WCK teams were present in Kharkiv following the recent missile on a residential building and present after the horrific attacks in Dnipro, serving hot meals to residents, and search and rescue teams.”

Ukraine has long been an important market for Stoli, and it has Ukrainian team members and suppliers. At the start of the conflict, Stoli relocated Ukrainian employees, including partners and distributors, as they faced extraordinary difficulties. For others who chose to remain, Stoli provided financial, emotional and tactical support. 

“We have been supporting our suppliers in Ukraine, including businesses such as Guala Closures Technologia Ukraine and Technologias JSC, and our Ukraine distributor Vinfort,” Mr McKinney added. “We have also particularly been supporting another supplier in an area that was initially overrun by Russian troops to help it return to successful trading. Supporting these businesses in 2022 presented many challenges, but we took the view that sticking with your values comes with a price, and it is worth paying.   

“When it comes to Ukraine’s economic stability and recovery, which is vital for now and the long-term, there is only so much governments and NGOs can do, businesses must do the heavy-lifting too. I am proud to say Stoli is doing what it can, and I know from my recent visit to Ukraine that Ukrainians are hugely appreciative of international businesses that are still operating there. 

“Much of Ukraine is in the situation of ‘business as usual within a war economy’, and I would urge any businesses that exited Ukraine last year because of the invasion, now is the time to return.”         

To support WCK and the people of Ukraine, please visit: DONATE WCK.