The Cuvee

Sustainable whisky, a treat for St Patrick’s Day

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The banks of the River Suir is home to Waterford Distillery, where state-of-the-art equipment meets age old knowledge. Well known for their attention to the finest details and a deep respect for the grains from which their whisky is made, Waterford Distillery’s the Cuvée is considered to be the crystallisation of their craft.

Packed with flavour drawn from distinct terroirs of Southern Ireland, the Cuvée is a blend of 25 totally unique Single Farm Origin whiskies to create a new compelling taste and experience to the world of whisky. The flavour embodies notes of red apples, lavender, oranges, fresh mint and even chocolate digestives.

Bottled at 50% ABV with no chill-filtration, no colouring – The Cuvée is a totally natural whisky. They believe in full transparency and pride themselves on being the world’s most traceable whisky. Core to their beliefs is knowing where their products come from and what goes into them, that’s why each bottle of Waterford has a unique code where you can learn more about the farm, the harvest and the barley.

CEO Mark Reynier says: “Coming from a wine background I have always been intrigued by how the very greatest Bordeaux wines were made. Rather than generically bundling up their grapes in to a single wine they went to the effort of making several individual wines instead, each one expressing a terroir-derived personality of its own. Only after months of maturation are these component wines assembled–each bringing its own flavour character–to make a single profound wine of greater complexity, the Grand Vin. Why not with whisky?

“This is the vision seven years in the making, the essence of the Waterford project. Single Farm Origin whiskies, each one defined by its own Irish-grown barley, each one distinctly different–all of them Waterford single malts–come together for the first time. Here the whole is even more than simply the sum of its parts: the result is our vision of how to create the most complex and profound single malt possible.”

Appearance: Golden sunrise with intense oils.

Nose: Red apples, fresh dry soil, breadcrust, green foliage, lavender, digestive biscuits, oranges, barmbrack, over ripe banana skin, a summer flower bed, fresh mint, coffee cake.

Taste: Clove sweets, white pepper, oily, grapefruit, lemon zest, dark chocolate, dry toast, cherries, granola bar, dried herbs, aniseed, green olives, 3 peel marmalade.

Finish: Pepper up front with oily spiciness that softens, starts dry but then gets mouth-watering & lingers that’s where you close your eyes and relax!