The Kraken Rum unveils its second bottle from the ‘Unknown Deep’ limited-edition series

The Kraken launches new limited-edition bottle tainted with ominous bioluminescent mark

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Few have dared to dive to the deepest, darkest depths of the ocean for fear of encountering The Mighty Beast; but following a recent expedition that ventured two miles below the surface, a group of the world’s most intrepid explorers have uncovered a mysterious bioluminescent bottle, raising it from the gloom of the ink-black abyss – and now you can get your tentacles on it!

The second limited-edition bottle from The Kraken’s ‘Unknown Deep’ collection, representing the second attempted expedition to find The Beast, comes contained within its own distressed diving cage – a tribute to the brave explorers who risked life and limb by plunging to the very darkest depths to haul these mysterious bioluminescent bottles to the e-shelves.

From today, fans can cast their eyes over this bravely commandeered bottle that has a deep blue pearlescent coating with a rough, tactile embossed finish and shimmering detail.

Hell-bent in its desire to protect the creatures of the ocean, The Beast is once again showing its compassionate side by teaming up with marine conservation charity PADI AWARE, with £1 from the sale of each bottle being donated to help the organisation in its mission to reduce ocean debris by half in targeted countries within the next decade.

The donations will help make up for the 36% drop in the amount of ocean waste PADI AWARE was able to collect throughout lockdown, which equates to the weight of three-and-a-half Killer Whales.

PADI AWARE is not only a global movement for ocean protection powered by a community of explorers, but also empowers scuba divers to remove marine debris from the seafloor and report data on the types, quantities and locations of materials collected.

Ian Amos, Operations Coordinator at PADI AWARE, said: “Kraken Rum has a rich history of supporting marine life, from the smallest sea critters to the biggest sea-dwellers, so we’re proud to be working together once again to save and protect the ocean. Every single bottle sold will help us continue our vital work of removing ocean debris, as well as training new volunteers to help us make an even bigger splash in 2022.”

Previously only available to his most loyal of followers direct from his terrifying lair, now his mighty legion of fans no longer need venture two miles below the sea to enjoy The Beast’s latest offering… They just need to pop to Amazon or The League of Darkness. No wetsuits or harpoon guns required!

The second bottle of the ‘Unknown Deep’ series is available from Amazon priced at £36.75. To get your tentacles on a bottle, head over to Amazon or for more information head to The Beast’s online portal The League of Darkness: