The Kraken unleashes disruptive new flavour

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Proximo Spirits is unleashing a new disruptive and refreshing flavour, with The Kraken Black Cherry and Madagascan Vanilla Black Spiced Rum (70cl, 40% ABC) rising from the depths to hit UK shores this month. The legendary black spiced rum has been given a deep, dark twist. Full of deep black cherry notes, it is the newest and most fiendish flavour release from The Kraken yet – one that will cause an unholy commotion amongst rum lovers. 

The Kraken Black Cherry and Madagascan Vanilla promises a fearsomely fruity and flavourful fusion of the signature black spiced Caribbean rum with rich cherries and an undercurrent of Madagascan vanilla, for a wildly delicious and refreshingly smooth finish. 

The legend began along the Maritime Spice Route, famous for its Kraken attacks. Sailors’ stories told how the mighty Kraken emerged from a maelstrom, an ocean whirlpool of monstrous size, to suck ships whole into the ocean’s black abyss. Myth has it that crews would carry black cherries and vanilla pods from Madagascar as a remedy for Kraken sucker bites, the freshness counteracting the foulness. Over time, they added this fusion to their rum, resulting in the most delicious concoction yet.   

It is a seasonable and versatile flavour that is most refreshing when served simply with cola over ice, garnished with a lime wedge. 

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans, rum lovers can get their tentacles on The Kraken Black Cherry and Madagascan Vanilla now for £26 at Tesco before wider distribution in April 2023. 

It will also be available through Molson Coors wholesale and Greene King pubs in the on-trade. 

The Kraken’s Black Cherry and Madagascan Vanilla Black Spiced Rum is the second new product from the brand to drop on UK shores following the launch of The Kraken Rum Roast Coffee in 2022, which has had more value added than any other Rum SKU in the last 52 weeks, nearly double the nearest competitor. 

Kraken’s new flavours nod to the direction the UK rum market is predicted to go in, with flavoured and spiced rum now accounting for over half the market share of total rum (51.2%). 

Although there will be continued growth of the rum market, flavoured and spiced is expected to grow at a fast pace ahead of the category. These rums have more of an appeal to younger drinkers than traditional white or dark rums, which indicates why the category is thriving with a young core user.