Panther M*lk

The world’s first alcoholic oat milk ready to drink cocktail launches in the UK

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Panther M*lk, a unique, award winning  ready to drink cocktail made with plant-based ingredients alongside beautiful spirits and liqueurs, has launched its ‘Original’ and ‘Strawberry’ – Creme de Fraise flavours in online stockists and various venues across the on trade, including the Caravan group.

With two exciting flavours to choose from and further limited-edition flavours, such as Chocolate throughout the year. Panther M*lk is a rich, delicious and vegan-friendly bottled cocktail that’s sure to be a hit with those looking for an alternative to cream liqueurs and rich digestifs. The creation of Panther M*lk see’s the product create a category of its own, as non-dairy, dairy taste profile product.

Panther M*lk was inspired by the classic leche de pantera, a potent milk-based alcoholic drink that originated in Spain in the 1920s. Panther M*lk founder Paul Crawford devised the drink to breathe new life into the previously forgotten historical cocktail, initially offering mint, strawberry and coffee flavours available by the bottle at a successful former pop-up bar in their native Glasgow, hidden inside a restaurant and accessed by a door underneath a neon sign.

The brand will throughout the year see extensions to the range of ready-to-drink cocktails available across the UK, with the range made up of ‘Original’ and ‘Strawberry’ – Creme de Fraise flavours, followed later with a collection of other limited-edition flavours and collaborations to be announced.

The drink can be served in three ways: The Panther M*lk signature serve is original, shaken and poured over ice with a sprinkle of cinnamon over the top. The original served as a shot or dram to be enjoyed on its own, or as an add-on to other beverages and cocktails including a liqueur coffee, hot chocolate or espresso martini.

The brand has also replaced the condensed milk with a plant-based alternative made with Minor Figures oat milk, a move that sees sustainably at the heart of the brands outlook.

As one of the world’s first oat milk based ready to drink cocktails, Panther M*lk aims to tap into one of the fastest-growing sectors of the drinks industry, while understanding that consumers are increasingly looking at health, sustainability, provenance, ethics and quality when it comes to their choice of beverage.

Panther M*lk is made with all-natural, high-quality ingredients, from its oat milk to the spirits that provide its flavour, with no artificial additives. The original Panther M*lk is made with JJ Whitley gin, Rum 66, Brandy, Spiced Overproof Rum, vegan condensed milk and Minor Figures oat milk and is available at £8.75 RRP for a 250ml bottle and £24 for a 70cl bottle, while its Strawberry flavour includes Crème de Fraises.