Tropicana expands ranges with ‘Strawberry & Banana’ and ‘Pineapple & Pink Guava Crush’ 

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The UK’s popular chilled juice brand, Tropicana, is adding to its range of high-quality pressed natural fruit juices with two new flavours: Strawberry & Banana which will join the brand’s classic fruit juices range, and Pineapple & Pink Guava Crush, a tropical addition to its Sensations fruit juices. 

Strawberry & Banana is a pure juice blend of apple, strawberry, banana and blueberry. Armed with the knowledge that strawberry & banana is the #1 smoothie flavour most commonly enjoyed at breakfast time, Tropicana is bringing this popular flavour into the NFC juice category. NFC represents a bigger market share than smoothies at breakfast,so Tropicana’s Strawberry & Banana juice presents a real profit gain opportunity for retailers.  

Joining Tropicana’s Sensations range, which caters to ‘rest of the day’ moments outside of breakfast, is Pineapple & Pink Guava Crush: a blend of the highest quality apples, pineapple, and pink guava, a trending ingredient. 

The multi-blend of tropical flavours, such as pineapple, has proven to be a winning formula in ‘rest of the day’ moments, where consumers reach for more exotic flavours to pair with lunch and evening meals. This positions Tropicana’s Guava Crush as an attractive option, and an alternative to carbonated drinks, for consumers looking to add some punch to their lunch/evening meals. The versatile product can also be enjoyed as a ‘mocktail’, a growth product category in 2023. 

‘Rest of the day’ moments are a huge opportunity for the juice category: consumption of juice with meals outside of breakfast is worth £60million more than five years ago and now attracts the same spend value as juice purchased for breakfast. In fact, 30% of juice is consumed with lunch and evening meals. 

The packaging of both NPDs is clearly labelled as carbon neutral and recyclable and showcases the hero ingredient fruits to emphasise the goodness of the flavours inside. The bold colours will add a sense of joy to retail displays. 

Along with the branding and product name, the health benefits are clearly placed in the spotlight, catching the eye of consumers seeking a drink that scores high in both nutrition and flavour. Both NPDs contain Vitamin C, that helps support the normal function of the immune system, which will appeal to shoppers looking for a health win for the family. As with all Tropicana fruit juices, a 150ml glass counts as one of your five a day, contains naturally occurring sugars and no added sugar, like all fruit juices.

The two NPDs include friendly and straightforward anti-food waste messaging on the carton reverse, in line with Tropicana’s partnership with the anti-food waste company Too Good to Go and its ‘Look, Smell, Taste, Don’t Waste’ campaign. This will appeal to shopper’s concerns of getting the most out of consumables amidst cost-of-living concerns, as well as environmental considerations. 

 “Tropicana is committed to creating delicious fruit juices that can be enjoyed from breakfast through to dinner, and these new additions are a testament to that,” commented Caroline Wilding, Head of Marketing, Juices UK at Tropicana Brands Group. “Strawberry & Banana is a family favourite flavour combination that will keep everyone happy during the morning breakfast rush, whereas Pineapple & Pink Guava Crush extends our positioning as a go-to for rest of the day occasions with its mocktail-inspired fruit blend.

“In 2023, we are continuing our partnership with Too Good to Go, giving consumers a little nudge to help the planet by reducing their food waste whilst also saving a little money for themselves.”

Strawberry & Banana will have a recommended RRP of £4.40 for 1.7L sizes, £3.80 for 1.35L cartons and £2.75 for the 850ml version. Pineapple & Pink Guava Crush will be available with the recommended RRP of £2.75 and will come in 850ml cartons.