Shaken Udder's new ‘on-the-go’ range

UK’s No.1 premium milkshake brand, Shaken Udder, launch NEW ‘on-the-go’ ambient range

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The new ambient range comes in 330ml bottles, ideal for impulse purchases.  They’re available in Chocolush, Vanillalicious and Strawberries & Cream.  The ambient range has no compromise on delicious taste, while avoiding the need for any preservatives. 

Shaken Udder’s ambient shakes fill the gap for a luxurious milkshake brand in the convenience sector. With eased restrictions and more people on-the-go, it provides a premium solution for customers who would rather avoid unhealthy snacks like fizzy drinks.  Often retailers in this sector have a lack of space for chilled drinks, but the new range doesn’t require chilled storage.

The convenience store sector accounts for one-fifth of the total food retail market and is set to grow to £47.1b by 2024. During the pandemic, many customers migrated to local convenience stores as buying behaviours shifted. Offering highly desirable, premium products is an effective way of encouraging consumers to keep coming back to local convenience stores and petrol forecourts as the economy continues to open back up.

A passionate founder-led brand which originally launched at festivals in 2004, Shaken Udder significantly outperformed the milkshake category in 2021, achieving more than 70% growth YOY. The brand, now worth around £20m in retail sales value, is the no.1 premium shake brand in the market, and the number 2 flavoured milk brand in grocery multiples.

Shaken Udder attribute their huge success to an uncompromising focus on taste and quality.  They use superior ingredients, including real fruit and Belgian chocolate, to achieve a luxurious, creamy taste. The shakes are compliant with HFSS regulations and contain no preservatives, artificial colours, or flavours.

Shaken Udder’s delicious taste is attested by high repeat purchases and customer loyalty.  The brand reports an 84% purchase intent among consumers who sample their premium shakes.  Shaken Udder’s core range of delicious chilled milkshakes come in five mouth-watering flavours: Chocolush!, Vanillalicious!, Strawberries & Clotted Cream, Top Banana and Salted Caramel. They make the ideal afternoon pick-me-up.

Shaken Udder’s research revealed that Brits can’t get enough of milkshakes with over a quarter (28%) of us saying we consider a milkshake the ultimate treat even above the likes of cake, ice cream and chocolate. The brand’s research also showed that 39% of milkshake purchases are spontaneous and 58% of people buy milkshakes as a snack making them an ideal ‘on-the-go’ sale.

Shaken Other is the brand’s Dairy-Free plant-based range of shakes which launched in July 2020. They contain ethically sourced coconut milk and are available in Strawberry and Chocolate in 330ml bottles. Vegan and vegetarian-friendly, they are the ideal choice for anyone who can’t drink dairy, chooses not too or fancies a change.

Shaken Other Dairy Free shakes taste wonderfully rich but have less than 5% added sugar and are under 200 calories. They contain B12 to support natural immunity and are high in calcium, Vitamin D and iodine. 

Shaken Udder created the range in response to evolving customer preferences.   In 2021, over a quarter of Brits (27%) surveyed said they are more likely to drink a shake if it’s made with cow’s milk alternatives.

The brand is committed to recyclability with all milkshakes going into gold caps over the coming weeks. Their PET bottles are fully recyclable. They have a strong sustainability ethos and only use ethically sourced milk. All of the electricity used in their offices is run off solar panels.  

Shaken Udder began as a top-quality event-based brand in 2004 bringing fresh, tasty milkshakes to festival goers.  Founders, Andy and Jodie Howie, quickly realised there was year-round demand for their premium shakes and by 2009 Shaken Udder was sold in Harvey Nichols. Waitrose, Harrods and Selfridges followed soon after. Today the brand is sold in all major grocery retailers; wholesalers; schools; farm shops and cafes nationwide. The range continues to expand and includes kids’ cartons, vegan-friendly Dairy-Free shakes, 750ml share bottles and exciting new flavours such as Salted Caramel.  Mouthwatering recipes are available on