Witch Kings Rum - Fresh Fruit Rum Liqueurs

Witch Kings Rum artisan rum liqueurs are bringing something new to the sector.

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Witch Kings Rum, an adventurous Manchester-based spirits brand, is looking to bring something new to the rum sector with a range of small-batch artisan rum liqueurs.

The brand, based in Ancoats, Manchester was founded in 2020 by Maximillian Bradbury and Brandon Bissell, looking to tell the story of quality ingredients and quality rum through the lens of fantasy, art and creativity.

The change in perception of rum from a spirit that is drunk mixed, to one that can be sipped, continues in the UK. Driving UK rum sales though are the flavoured and spiced rums, which are more appealing to younger drinkers than traditional white and dark rums.

Witch Kings Rum was created with a clear mission in mind; to redefine how rum liqueurs can be presented to the world, whilst creating an ethical and sustainable brand that focuses on flavour emotives and flavour journeys for drinkers.

Having built a solid reputation in Manchester hosting a number of successful pop-ups, including Witch Kings Rum cocktails bars and live music pop ups, the brand now looks to expand firmly into the consumer market, looking for retail listings and building a solid portfolio of on-trade listings.

Taking the finest pure single rum from Ninefold Distillery, glimmering with rich caramel notes, Witch Kings Rum combines this with fresh fruit infusions to create complex rum liqueurs full of magically balanced flavours.

The fresh fruit infusions are hand-crafted by Witch Kings Rum using quality ingredients to ensure maximum flavour impact.

The Witch Kings Rum range consists of Bohemian Dreams – Blueberry, Pineapple & Mint, Sunset Solstice – Peach, Ginger & Lime and Fires of the Wild – Strawberry, Chilli & Lemon.

The brand has also recently unveiled an exciting new coffee rum liqueur, Antimatter, a cosmic delight set to enchant all who try it.

In a devastating blow to coffee fans this year, a beloved coffee product was dramatically discontinued leaving many heartbroken. With this in mind, Witch Kings Rum looks to save the day, providing a unique and artisan alternative.

The small-batch coffee rum liqueur is sustainably created in Ancoats, Manchester, a dark and sultry concoction that makes the perfect Espresso Martini, coffee based cocktails, enjoyed on its own or with a light tonic mixer.

Using the premium flavour profiles of Ninefold rum as a base, Witch Kings Rum blends this with beautifully sweet hits of Factory Coffee MCR’s artisan coffee components from the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, the Jinotega region in northern Nicaragua, and the birthplace of coffee itself, Ethiopia, all to create the enchanting Antimatter Coffee Rum Liqueur.