Yole Shaftesbury

Yolè ice cream and frozen yogurt franchise arrives in the UK five stores in the London area

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After establishing a strong presence in countries such as Spain, Portugal Singapore, Cambodia, and Indonesia, Yolé have expanded into the UK.

Yolé provides the first range of ice cream and frozen yogurt with 60% fewer calories and no added sugar. They’ve recently unveiled their winter menu which includes the sugar free bubble waffle.

The company arrived in July opening their first UK outlets in Lakeside and Canary Wharf.

This would soon be followed by stores in Covent Garden and Shaftesbury Avenue.

They would round out 2021 with a branch in Westfield, in mid-December.

In six months, Yolè will have opened 5 stores in London and show no signs of slowing down as they will open a store in Shoreditch in February.

They will soon be changing the marshmallows to make the menu fully Halal.

This is all part of the brand’s global expansion which will feature more stores across the UK, Europe, and North America in the next year.

A Yolé Spokesperson said: “We’re extremely proud of how quickly our brand has grown since we arrived in the UK. Our store openings have seen a strong turnout and the initial feedback on our product was very positive.

“We’ve focused on London so far because it allows us to bring our product to a wide range of clientele.”