All the pleasure of drinking, but without the alcohol. Naturally crafted from the perfect blend of premium ingredients using our special Zero Gradi™ technology, BOLLE is an alcohol-free sparkling drink, made with Italian flair. So, you get all the pleasurable taste and sensation of drinking, but none of the drawbacks.


Wow, wow, wow! What a beautiful product!

The colour of the drink, which can be seen through the transparent thick glass bottle, is vibrant and glows beautifully when light shines through it. This will be a very photogenic drink in any table display.

The bottle feels solid and the cap secure. Once opened, the bottle gives an almighty satisfying fizz, with bubbles rising from the bottom to the top. The whole package really is a work of art.

BOLLE’s story

And being the entrepreneur he is, he didn’t just ask but went off and created the perfect drink for 22nd Century living, BOLLE.

Made using our proprietary Zero Gradi™ technology, BOLLE keeps all the flavour in and the alcohol out. Unlike other low or non-alcoholic drinks which are first made with alcohol and then de-alcoholised, resulting in a loss of flavour, Zero Gradi™ ensures we keep the alcohol out in the first place. So, all you have is the wonderful, complex flavour to enjoy, completely guilt-free. Now you can drink like an Italian any and every day!

BOLLE: pure pleasure.


We were pleasantly surprised by how similar it tasted to its alcoholic counterparts. It has all the flavour, minus the hangover! It wasn’t overly sweet, unlike a lot of its competitors, which is certainly a good thing.  

On its first taste, you get the mixed berries, but a few seconds later there is a subtle burst of blackcurrant. 

This one’s great for a midweek treat, a romantic date night or a garden BBQ! 

Again, like the ROSA, the ORO stands its ground as an alcoholic-free beverage. It doesn’t lose any of the flavour, only the hangover! The ORO was a little sweeter than ROSA, but that only complements its flavours. 

This one has an array of flavours mixed together, however the main component we really tasted was the apple. We found this very smooth, and a little too easy to drink! 

Our rating 7.5/10

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