Cacto unveils new era with California-inspired Prickly Pear RTD launch

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Cacto, the innovative natural prickly pear drinks company, is thrilled to introduce the latest addition to its product line, marking the beginning of the company’s exciting rebrand. The new RTD, California Dream, is a strawberry and watermelon flavoured prickly pear juice that appeals to consumers’ ever-growing demand for new flavours and embodies the essence of California in every sip.

Crafted from 70% pureed prickly pear juice (not from concentrate) and premium, fresh, natural ingredients, California Dream is a rich source of magnesium, potassium, fibre, plant-based calcium and antioxidants – all without added sugars. California Dream is now available for purchase at for an affordable RRP of £2.60.

Having recently won funding from the University of West England, the brand is rolling out Cacto’s rebrand as well as launching four new products throughout 2024, introducing consumers to a range of premium not from concentrate low-sugar prickly pear juice products.

Cacto’s dedication to sustainability extends beyond its products with 5% of Cacto’s profits being donated to, a global nonprofit organisation working towards universal access to clean water and sanitation.

“I am incredibly excited to unveil California Dream and mark the beginning of a new era for Cacto,” said Sam Jukes, Founder of Cacto. “This launch is more than just a delicious addition to our product line – it represents a step forward in expanding our brand and our commitment to providing unique and health-conscious beverages. Not just for people but the planet too. With this launch, we’re not only introducing a refreshing drink but also showcasing the evolution of Cacto through our rebrand. Our aim is to make prickly pear juice a staple for all, and California Dream is a key part of that journey.”