New bluefin tuna – caught to order from Mevalco

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Balfegó bluefin tuna is a game-changer! New from award-winning wholesaler, Mevalco, and described as ‘next level’ Tuna, this remarkable product is a celebration of quality sustainability and freshness that is unrivalled.   

Mevalco is proud to be working with Balfegó which stands as a trailblazer in the conservation efforts surrounding the Mediterranean Thunnus Thymus, a unique and thriving species of blue fin tuna. This extraordinary species has exhibited exceptional growth, even gracing the waters of Devon and Cornwall with its presence.

What sets Balfegó apart is its dedication to sustainability, offering “sashimi grade” bluefin tuna, renowned for its unmatched flavour and freshness. With swift delivery, its freshness ensures that its impeccable colour is retained, and customers can enjoy the vibrant colour and remarkable taste of Balfegó’s tuna, without delay.

According to David Menendez, Managing Director of Mevalco, this product is a trailblazer in the bluefin tuna market: “We know that our customers want high quality tuna that has been sourced and grown in a sustainable way to preserve fishing stocks. 

“This is a truly superb product – we all love it and are proud to offer our customers the very finest, freshest tuna in the world!”

The current Balfegó family is the fifth generation of fishermen from L’Ametlla de Mar, a town in the northwest of the Mediterranean Sea with a strong fishing tradition. After many years of experience, they have managed to transform the traditional fishing of this species to become the world’s leading company in catching, feeding, studying, and marketing bluefin tuna in accordance with an innovative and sustainable business system, both socially and environmentally.