Cambridge pub, The Tollemache Arms, launching ‘Dining in the Dark’ to battle rising energy bills

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Wells & Co’s Cambridge based neighbourhood pub The Tollemache Arms, also known as The Tolly, is launching a special ‘Dining in the Dark’ event this winter as a nod to the battle the hospitality industry is currently facing in dealing with energy bill price hikes. 

Each Thursday throughout November the pub will shut off its lights and guests will be able to dine on a four-course meal by candlelight accompanied with drinks and music. With the average energy bill for a hospitality firm having increased by 258% this year The Tollemache Arms launched ‘Dining in the Dark’ as a way of drawing in locals for a great value evening out whilst also reducing its electricity usage.

Unlike households, businesses do not benefit from a cap on what suppliers can charge for gas and electricity, leaving many pubs not able to cope with the rising bills without any support from the government. The innovative ‘Dining in the Dark’ event will help The Tollemache Arms battle the dual challenge of rising energy bills and fall in demand from consumers as households reduce their outgoings.

“It’s great to see The Tolle taking some initiative and not only hosting a really good night for guests,” Chris Reed, Retail Development Manager at Wells & Co. said, “but really bringing the hospitality industry energy crisis to the forefront of everyone’s minds. The government must take action on further supporting our industry and our pubs otherwise it will be chaos.”