Valeo launches new snacking brand Seven Continents

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Valeo Snackfoods has announced the launch of a travel inspired new snack brand, Seven Continents®, offering flavours from across the world.Seven Continents will be available in sharing packs, offering four different products inspired by cuisines and travel across the world. These flavours include, British Inspired Salt and Vinegar Ridge Crisps, Thai Inspired Sweet Chilli Hand-Cooked Crisps, Peking Inspired Spare Rib Crispy Rolls, and Mexican Inspired Chilli Tortilla Chips.

The launch follows research from Kantar showing that Bargain stores are seeing significant growth ahead of the market for sharing crisps, snacks and popcorn at 17%, compared to 9.6% of the total market growth.

“With flavours inspired by cuisines from across the globe we’re confident Seven Continents will tap into consumers’ sense of adventure and intrigue,” Russell Tanner, Marketing Director at Valeo Snackfoods, said. “We are bringing a world full of flavour to our customers.”

Seven Continents packs will also feature the OPRL logo to let consumers know the packs can be recycled at front of store. Seven Continents are available now in Poundland stores at £1 RRP.

Valeo Foods Group is a leading international food business that has built three significant growth platforms: the UK, Europe, and Ireland. Each with its own diverse portfolio of leading food brands that include Rowse, Kettle, Jacob’s, Barratt and Balconi.

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