Teleport yourself into the centre of the Amazon rainforest with any of the three amazing blends from D’Amazonia, Health & Fitness, Sleep and Digestive. The entire range is Inspired by the natural power of the Amazon rainforest. We have found your perfect tea for the whole day!


Sleek, dark & descriptive!

The informative packaging is decorated with a crest and ribbon in a subtle, bronze undertone. The visuals add a sense of luxury and professionalism to match the product within.
The strong, resealable packaging, which keeps the contents fresh and ready for use, contains 20 pyramid tea bags.


We were taken aback by the overwhelming flavour created by the 12 natural, premium ingredients. Drinking the tea gave us a fresh, herbal taste, leaving us energised for the day ahead.
The perfect tea for someone who’s always on the go.

After a busy day, it was the ideal time to try out the Sleep tea blend. With an incredible mix of 14, premium ingredients, it was hard to ignore the glorious taste of the apple pieces. The odour of lavender sent us into deep relaxation and ready for a healthy night’s sleep.
The perfect tea to switch off with, at the end of the day.

Much like the Health & Fitness tea, the Digestive tea left us with a pleasant herbal aftertaste and no bloating throughout the day. The peppermint is prominent in the smell, and the taste leaves you feeling fresh afterwards.

The perfect tea to aid in digestion and prevent bloating.

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