Ellers Farm Distillery announces B Corp Certification

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Ellers Farm Distillery, maker of Dutch Barn Orchard Vodka, has announced its B Corp Certification. The B Corp verification process, administered by the nonprofit B Lab, measures a company’s social and environmental performance. 

To become a Certified B Corporation, Ellers Farm Distillery has undergone a rigorous review of the impact of its operations and business model on its workers, customers, communities and environment. As a B Corp, Ellers Farm Distillery is now counted among businesses that are leading a global movement for an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economy. 

Based outside Stamford Bridge in North Yorkshire, Ellers Farm Distillery has been carbon neutral since day one and produces a range of innovative and multi-award-winning spirits including: Dutch Barn Orchard Vodka,Y Gin and a unique EnglishWhiskycollaboration with Theakstons of Masham.

Ellers Farm Distillery has implemented a number of actions, with the intention of increasing its positive impact on the environment, employees and local community. With positive employee impact in mind, Ellers Farm Distillery has created a unique profit share model by which 20% of the company’s profits will be distributed to employees. This avoids the complications of employee shareholder models while ensuring a portion of the wealth created by the business is distributed to those who work for the business. 

In an effort to both engage employeesand impact climate projects around the world, the company has a Climate Positive Workforce in partnership with Ecologi. Through this programme Ellers Farm Distillery has supported the planting of over 5,000 trees around the world to date. 

In a bid to positively impact nature surrounding the distillery, the team has also planted 2.5 acres of apple trees in the adjacent fields. These trees not only remove carbon from the atmosphere as they grow, but create a biodiverse habitat that benefits local pollinators, birds, and mammals.

“This has always been a goal for Ellers Farm Distillery, and we’re thrilled that just two years into our journey we’re now a Certified B Corp,” Tabatha Hurst, Head of Sustainability at Ellers Farm Distillery, commented. “Becoming a fully-fledged part of the global community of B Corps is an honour, and we see this as a statement of intent for our business to continually improve our impacts on our employees, community, environment and supply chain.”

“I’m so proud of the team here at Ellers Farm Distillery for this great achievement in becoming a Certified B Corp so early in our journey as a business,” Chris Fraser, Founder & Chairman at Ellers Farm Distillery, added. “Since the beginning, our whole team has been focused on balancing people, planet and profit.  Becoming a Certified B Corp is a great endorsement of the work we have already done but it also helps us identify areas that we can focus on to continue to improve.”